Sergio Aguero and Lionel Messi have been friends since their teens. At one time, when they were both at a training camp for the South American Under 20 Championships, they even shared a room together.

The bond grew stronger to a point where Aguero even joked that they were like an old married couple.

So, you would expect they would knew each other pretty well which is why Aguero was able to understand, and put into context, why Messi spurned a lucrative Saudi contract in favour of playing MLS in America.

The former Man City and Barcelona star, who retired due to a cardiac issue, said that the Inter Miami move made more sense for a player who at the age of 36 wants to ‘relax’ and ‘enjoy’ his football after giving his all at the highest level for close to two decades.

Comparing Messi’s post-Europe career move to that of long-time rival Cristiano Ronaldo, who at the age of 38 is currently based at Al-Nassr Club in Riyadh, Aguero told “Well, I think that at this stage, with the age that Leo and Cristiano are, maybe tired of so much demand to be at a high level.

“I think that Leo opted for him and his family to be well and to be able to play as relaxed as possible; and in case if he had been playing in Europe, obviously the requirement is different and so he can’t play his last years the way he wanted, which is to enjoy, right?

“And obviously I think that between Miami and (Saudi) Arabia, I think he chose Miami for convenience,” added Aguero.

“Miami is a nice place, there are lots of Latinos, and I think he also saw it from the family side, which I think they can fit quite well in Miami.

“I think he saw nothing more than that, and well after that it’s each one’s decisions,” said Aguero

“But Cristiano maybe he’s a different player than Leo and he has made a decision to go to (Saudi) Arabia for other reasons that he will surely know about.

“In the end after knowing Leo I know more or less which way he comes from, I don’t know Cristiano very well and I can’t say his reasons either, right?’ the Argentinian said.

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