Big dreams are abound for 10-year-old Filipino-Swiss Julian Suter as he begins his journey of being a motocross racer in Switzerland.

As he lived and breathed motocross since he was five-years-old, Suter wants to be the best of the best in his sport. In an interview with, he wasn't shy on what he wants to achieve.

"I want to be world champion," he said.

Currently, Suter competes in the Schweizer Jugendmotocross Club, where drivers aged five to 20 compete in different categories. He drives in the U12 (65ccm) category.

Despite the increased risk of competing in motocross, the young Fil-Swiss driver has the full backing of his family. In 2017, Suter went on several trial courses in a motocross academy in Switzerland.

Because of his potential, his mother April, and the rest of his family decided that he could continue with the sport as a hobby.

"At first, I felt that he really liked it. I told him that okay, I'm going to give you my 100% support but I also expect from you that you are also going to do your best. It's not an easy sport. But we are just making sure that he is always prepared... Whatever he needs then we are always ready for him." said his mother, who is Filipino.

The 10-year-old said that his love for racing started when he went to a race with his father, and the heart-stopping competition inspired him to try it out on his own.

"I started motocross when I [was] 5 years old. My dad and I went to watch the Supemoto race of my colleague, from there I had my interest in motorbikes," he said.

Suter, who has been finishing in the Top 5 of his age categories in the past few seasons, said that the excitement of it all is what pushes him to continue and train hard.

"[I like motocross] because it gives me the feeling of excitement that I will be able to use what I trained hard for. Riding and the race environment give me thrills," he said.

"The skills and techniques that I learn [also interest me]. The time I spend with my family, my friends and their families, the places and countries we go for races and training. Most of all winning the race," he quipped.

But not all of Suter's time is dedicated to racing, as he also has to balance it out with his academics.

As his family also values his education, Suter remains enrolled in a normal school and continues to be a good student even with his racing career.

"I'm going to a normal school. I have a lot of friends. I like school," quipped the young racer.

As he contineus to build up his career in hopes of reaching his goal of becoming world champion, Suter thrives off of the support he receives from his family.

"I feel grateful that I have support from my mom and dad. It's very great." he said, as his extended family in the Philippines also keeps tabs on his races.

The new season has started for Suter in the Schweizer Jugendmotocross Club last season.

Fans can check his socials on Instagram and Facebook to keep tabs on his career.


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