Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay and his wife Tana Ramsay's remarkable 26-year marriage has weathered its share of storms, but none as profound as the tragedy they faced in 2016. Tana experienced a heartbreaking pregnancy loss at 20 weeks, losing their son whom they lovingly named Rocky.

This deeply painful experience tested their resilience, but the Ramsays leaned on each other for support. In a chat with media portal People, Gordon Ramsay reflects on this challenging period, stating, "There’s no book that guides you through that loss, and so losing Rocky was really tough. Watching the trauma unfold, it’s this life-changing moment."

Instead of tearing them apart, the tragedy brought the Ramsay family closer together. Their enduring love for Rocky is evident in the way they honour his memory, from naming their Cornwall home after him to wearing jewellery with his name.

Gordon Ramsay acknowledges that their son Oscar, born after the loss of Rocky, wouldn't have been possible without that experience. He describes the bond they formed as unique and irreplaceable.

Tana Ramsay, who marked seven years since the loss in June, is celebrated by her husband as incredibly resilient. Their kids "get a lot of strength from their mom," Ramsay said. "There's a lot of things that Tana's done, that we wouldn't be here today without that strength."

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