BBC Travel, a designated BBC portal for travel stories, has praised on Thursday the UAE’s "resilience" during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

"Even as the Omicron variant has parts of Europe on lockdown again, the UAE has managed, so far, to stay open to most travellers while keeping infections low," said the report headlined "Why is this country so resilient?" "Throughout the pandemic, the United Arab Emirates has been one of the most resilient in the face of changing Covid variants, with the world's highest vaccination rate and extensive, affordable testing," the report added.

"In fact, the UAE is currently ranked number one in Bloomberg's Covid Resilience ranking, which ranks 53 countries on 12 indicators like healthcare quality, virus mortality and reopening travel.

"Dubai has also transformed itself from a global tourism hub into one more invested in its own community.

"The weather is perfect right now. ‘October to May is the best time of the year to visit because it's not excruciatingly hot anymore,’ said a Dubai resident Tala Mohamad. That also has meant the return of outdoor events and activities and leisurely evenings spent on the city's numerous patio and rooftop seaside lounges.

"The city is also hosting Expo 2020 until the end of March 2022, a global six-month event featuring pavilions from all over the world, showcasing unique innovations and futuristic projects." The BBC went on to say that "Dubai has worked diligently over the past decade to become more sustainable, with major investments in solar energy, water conservation and green building and infrastructure. Expo 2020 is also hosting a Sustainability Pavilion, showcasing projects like solar trees that provide shade while creating energy and a huge vertical farm growing 9,000 plants and herbs." It continued, "Currently, travel is open to vaccinated tourists with a WHO-approved vaccine, though visitors must undergo a rapid test on arrival.

"Unvaccinated travellers must provide a negative PCR test within 72 hours of departure. Travel is currently suspended for those coming from or transiting through certain African countries.

"Travellers must download the Al Hosni app, the UAE's official contact tracing and health status app, which uses a colour-coded system - grey, red, green - to reflect test results and vaccination status.

"The Dubai Health Authority offers the DXB Smart app, available for Android and iOS, which gives visitors real-time information about UAE's current Covid rates, tracks test results and exposures, and is used to show vaccination status within the emirate."

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