This report captures the latest Islamic finance developments in the UK, a vital component of the global Islamic finance industry. For example, London is widely recognised as the leading Western centre for Islamic finance, due to multiple factors. These include investors’ preference for the London Stock Exchange as a sukuk listing venue, the growth of London as an Islamic fintech hub, and the continued pivotal role that London and UK-based professional services firms play in enabling Islamic financial services domestically and globally.

The Islamic finance industry in the UK has been on a positive trajectory over the past few years, with its favourable showings in the IFDI rankings confirm the UK’s primacy among Western markets as a leading hub for Islamic finance outside traditional markets. Moreover, the UK is one of the few countries outside the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) countries to issue sukuk twice, providing it with further supply of high-quality Islamic liquid assets.

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  • The regulatory landscape for Islamic finance in the UK
  • Key datapoints and analysis, sector by sector, for the main sectors in the UK’s Islamic finance industry – Islamic banking, sukuk, Takaful and Islamic funds
  • Opportunities analysis for the Islamic fintech, education and professional services segments in UK Islamic finance