ABB Egypt is a leading provider of solutions for the oil and gas sector, working with many companies affiliated with the Ministry of Petroleum and the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation. The company aims to enable safe, smart, and sustainable operations for its clients and partners.

Sherif Ismail, Vice President of ABB Egypt, North and Central Africa, spoke to Daily News Egypt about the company’s green transformation and its 2030 sustainability plan, which aligns with the Paris Agreement and the Egyptian government’s vision.

What are the latest solutions launched by ABB to drive sustainability?

ABB offers a wide range of energy-efficient solutions that support global efforts for environmental restoration and sustainable development. Some of these solutions include smart building solutions, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, energy storage systems, low-voltage products and systems, and power quality solutions. These solutions help optimize the energy efficiency of buildings, facilitate the transition to electric vehicles and zero emissions from transportation, and enable businesses and industries to make the best use of renewable energy and minimize losses.

What has been achieved so far regarding your sustainability plan?

ABB has made significant progress toward its 2030 goal of carbon neutrality, which is consistent with the Egyptian government’s sustainability strategy for 2035. In 2022, ABB reduced its total energy consumption by 15% compared to a 2019 baseline, and 52% was sourced from renewables. By the end of the same year, the company had reduced its GHG emissions by an impressive 65%. ABB also increased the share of certified green and self-generated solar electricity it uses from 24% to 81% worldwide. ABB continues to improve the energy efficiency of its sites through energy audits, energy management systems, and transforming the buildings and production processes.

What is the energy efficiency movement initiative and what are the reactions to it?

To complement Egypt’s 2035 sustainability vision, ABB launched its innovative Energy Efficiency Movement (EEM) in Egypt in May this year. EEM is a platform for connecting and discussing environmental issues while outlining ten steps businesses need to take to achieve net zero emissions. With affordable energy options, scalable alternatives, and technological best practices, this movement encourages energy consumption reduction. The initiative has attracted more than 400 businesses worldwide, demonstrating their commitment to sustainable business practices. ABB invites Egyptian corporations to join the movement and learn how to lower greenhouse gas emissions, enhance climate resilience, and gradually transition to a low-carbon economy.

Do you think Egypt is a promising market for clean energy such as green hydrogen?

Green hydrogen is a renewable energy source that can help to reduce emissions and contribute to environmental health. Egypt has recently taken significant strides toward establishing a green hydrogen industry, by utilizing solar and wind power to create hydrogen for commercial use. These projects have the potential to bring economic and environmental benefits to Egypt, as they will provide a new source of income and reduce the country’s carbon footprint. ABB is committed to optimizing energy production and supporting the transition to green hydrogen. We have developed the ABB AbilityTM Energy Management – OPTIMAX for Green Hydrogen, which is designed to address the needs of green hydrogen production and support ABB’s automation and electrification solutions.

How does the company cooperate with the Egyptian government to support sustainability?

ABB has a long-standing commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency in Egypt. We have offered our full portfolio of products and solutions to various projects that align with the Egyptian government’s vision. For example, we have supported the Bahr El Bakar wastewater treatment plant, the largest of its kind, to help achieve energy efficiency, zero emissions, and zero waste. We have also provided state-of-the-art products and solutions to the Grand Egyptian Museum, to ensure the safety and preservation of the precious monuments and treasures. Moreover, we have supported the visionary project to turn the desert into farmland in Toshka, by delivering reliable and continuous electric power to the new agricultural area. We are proud to be part of these mega projects, which aim to create sustainable development and a better future for the people of Egypt.

What are your existing and expected projects in Egypt during the coming period?

ABB has been involved in many national projects in Egypt, especially in the fields of electricity infrastructure, urban development, and agriculture. Some of our recent projects include providing compact substations and switchgear for the Decent Life initiative, which aims to improve the living conditions of rural communities, supporting the New Alamein and New Delta projects, which are part of the government’s plan to expand the cultivated area and create new urban centers, and participating in the Grand Egyptian Museum, the Bahr El Bakar wastewater treatment plant, and the Toshka desert reclamation project, which are all mega projects that showcase Egypt’s vision and potential.

What is Egypt’s share of ABB investments and exports?

ABB has been manufacturing in Egypt for 45 years, using more than 40% of local components in our products and solutions, which are made in our facilities in 10th of Ramadan city. Some of our products reach the threshold of more than 70% local components, which reflects our commitment to supporting the local industry and economy. ABB considers Egypt an integrated industrial hub for the manufacturing of electricity distribution products and has invested over EGP 6.2bn in the past 10 years to develop and modernize our factories, which are among the largest in the region. ABB also exports our solutions from Egypt to African, European, and Gulf countries, contributing to Egypt’s position as a regional and global player in the energy sector.

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