The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has reported a notable growth in the demand and number of registrants in Muwafaq Package, which was launched in March to facilitate doing business and ensure tax compliance for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The FTA held a Customer Council meeting in Abu Dhabi to discuss the Muwafaq Package initiative and highlight its role in supporting and encouraging entrepreneurs to comply with tax legislation.

The meeting was part of the UAE Government's Customer Councils initiative, which aims to enhance the quality of government services by engaging customers in efforts to design innovative experiences.

During the meeting, a team of FTA experts gave a presentation on the objectives and features of the Muwafaq Package. The experts explained that the package provides innovative solutions to facilitate tax compliance for SMEs, as well as educational materials about tax procedures that are specifically designed for SMEs.

SMEs registered in the tax system can access Muwafaq package through the electronic tax services portal EmaraTax, and benefit from the various features and incentives the Package offers to encourage tax compliance.

The FTA team answered questions from representatives of SMEs participating in the Customer Councils, noting their opinions and observations about the FTA's services, especially Muwafaq Package, as well as their suggestions in that regard.

The Muwafaq Package offers a variety of features and incentives, including special rates on tax accounting programs and software, booking appointments with account managers who specialize in tax relations, exclusive packages from Tax Agents to Muwafaq registrants, priority in availing services for SME representatives, and workshops to raise awareness among SMEs registered for the Package.

The Muwafaq Package is a valuable resource for SMEs that want to ensure they are in compliance with tax regulations. The package offers a variety of features and incentives that can help SMEs save money, get help with tax compliance, and get priority in availing services.