SHARJAH:  Souq Al-Haraj in Sharjah, a Sharjah Asset Management affiliate, has completed 131,741 transactions since the beginning of the year, an increase of 11 percent from last year.

Souq Al-Haraj, the investment arm of the Government of Sharjah, is one of the most prominent destinations for traders, shoppers and enthusiasts of everything related to the world of cars, attracting visitors from different regions of the country and neighbouring countries, which contributes to supporting the car trade sector and revitalising the economic movement in the Emirate of Sharjah.

Saeed Matar Al Suwaidi, Senior Manager, Souq Al Haraj, said, "The Licencing and Vehicle Registration Centre received more than 31,000 transactions during the first half of the year. This indicates the vitality of the movement and demand for the market, whether from within the country or from outside, due to the services provided by the market and facilities for everything related to the world of cars. The market has a variety of vehicles, old and new, to suit different budgets, and provides customers with an integrated car shopping experience.

"All procedures are easy and transparent, and various services and facilities are available under one roof for the consumer's benefit."

Lt. Colonel Mohamed Ahmed Al Mahrazi, Head of the Technical Inspection Department at Sharjah Police, confirmed, "The achievements of the Vehicle Licencing and Registration Centre in Al-Haraj market of Sharjah Asset Management, an increase of 11 percent from last year, affirms the keenness of Sharjah Police to provide distinguished services for customers, following the best international practices.

He stressed that the enhanced level of customer satisfaction demonstrates the practical cooperation between Sharjah Police and Osool Company. He praised the developmental role played by Osool, which has contributed to the economic pillars of the Emirate of Sharjah.

Souq Al Haraj in Sharjah extends over more than 420,000 square metres and has more than 350 rented units including showrooms, retail shops and 70 stores for car care services, accessories, and other car supplies. It has about 20,000 car parks for exhibitions, approximately 5,000 parking spaces for visitors and market-goers, and spaces designated for storing cars, which make it a major destination for buying and selling cars in Sharjah.