Kenya’s local companies are failing to match up with the attractive packages offered by US technology giants, which is hurting their business plans, Business Daily newspaper reported.

With Kenya as its hub, Microsoft, Amazon and Google are increasing their presence in East Africa, resulting in monthly salaries of up to 1.8 million Shillings for principal tech specialists.

The newspaper said salaries range from 300,000 Shillings for junior tech developers to 1.3 million Shillings for lead and senior roles.

Smaller local firms such as Wasoko, Flocash, Twiga foods, Lori Systems, and Sendy are facing the brunt, along with telcos and banks, the report said.

In April, Google announced the opening of its first Africa product development centre in Nairobi, with plans to hire for multiple openings.

On the other hand, Microsoft plans to invest $100 million (1.2 billion Shillings) in technology development hubs in Kenya and Nigeria, amid large-scale hiring of engineers in both countries.

(Editing by Seban Scaria