Delivery riders, the unsung heroes who brave extreme weather conditions to fulfil our everyday needs, can now find respite from the scorching summer heat at specialised air-conditioned rest areas across the city.

In a fantastic show of support, food delivery companies are introducing wellness and safety initiatives to support delivery riders in the summer months.

Equipped with comfortable seating, these rest areas allow riders to recharge and rejuvenate before resuming their deliveries. The cool, air-conditioned environment helps mitigate the risk of dehydration and heat exhaustion, in addition to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of these essential workers.

1. Air-conditioned rest areas
Careem has arranged air-conditioned and shaded resting areas with drinking water at Captain support centres in Dubai Media City, Al Quoz, and Umm Ramool. Careem has also invested in mobile ‘Captain Vans’ that will patrol several locations across Dubai for Captains to rest and rehydrate in.

Mudassir Sheikha, CEO and co-founder at Careem, said they have worked with multiple partners to create more air-conditioned and shaded resting areas, deliver refreshments, and make health checks available to help support Captain wellbeing during the summer months. “Delivery Captains provide a critical service for millions of people in the UAE and help keep the city moving. It's important that we consider all the steps we can take to make it easier for them to complete their work this summer and throughout the year,” said Sheikha.

2. Air-conditioned buses
Deliveroo has introduced a fleet of air-conditioned Roo Buses and coasters across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ajman, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah. The buses and coasters will be operational seven days a week, giving riders the opportunity to take breaks from the weather, ensuring that riders can effortlessly locate them to cool down, hydrate, and relax between orders. Roo Buses and coasters will distribute water as well as cooling vests to riders.

Yazan Aburaqabeh, head of operations at Deliveroo Middle East, said that the company greatly values riders and the work they do. “Their safety and wellbeing have always been our top priority and with these new summer initiatives, we want to ensure that they feel supported, refreshed, and recognized while they are on the road this season. Some of these initiatives, like the Roo Bus are being introduced by Deliveroo UAE for the very first time, and we hope to continue building on them with every passing year,” said Aburaqabeh

The vans will also facilitate essential services such as minor bike repairs, checks for rear box lights, and basic first aid when required. Riders can conveniently visit any Roo Van for water and snacks while ensuring their bikes are well-maintained.

3. No extra work at noon
To kick off the summer, Deliveroo has implemented its annual scheduling optimisation measures. This will ensure that riders are not scheduled to work for more than 2 hours during midday peak hours and can effectively manage their workload during the day.

4. Hydration
Careem Captains and all other delivery riders can collect water at Careem Quik grocery dark stores across Dubai.

Deliveroo will provide riders with valuable tips and guidance on staying hydrated, dealing with the heat, and prioritising their well-being throughout the season. Hop sites, Rider Centers, Roo Vans, rest areas and buses will distribute water to all riders who visit as well as provide access to water dispensers to help refill water bottles. The company also plans to distribute refillable water bottles to promote the utilisation of Dubai Can's 40+ refill stations across the emirate by riders.

Restaurants have been urged to offer water and rest areas for riders, while customers are encouraged to provide water to riders upon delivery.

5. Summer kits
Summer kits including water bottles, towels and toiletries will be distributed to all Careem Captains in the UAE. Careem has also partnered with Hayatna Laban to provide free laban drinks to Captains over the summer.

6. Rider kits
Deliveroo will provide cooling vests designed to lower body temperature by up to 15 degrees Celsius. The company has also started installing windshield visors on bikes to protect riders from weather conditions, improve their visibility while on the road, and enhance their safety.

7. Collaboration with social welfare organisation
Through a partnership with Pakistan Association Dubai (PAD), resting areas with a cafeteria and medical centre on PAD premises will provide Captains with free medical checkups, physician counselling as well as preventative tips and management for rehydration and summer safety.

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