Esports lounge network True Gamers has launched an esports island dedicated to gaming in Abu Dhabi.

The $280 million proposed development, close to the Al Seef area in Abu Dhabi, will be a world first, hosting a professional gaming training facility, a tech venue TG Arena for hosting gaming tournaments as well as a luxury hotel, which will provide an ‘immersive eSports experience’, the company said.

True Gamers said it is committing $280 million to the project and is working with investors to secure funding, with discussions with developers ongoing.

Game-inspired experiences including a PUBG-style parachute check-in are being planned for the hotel which is envisioned for the island, a statement from True Gamers said.

There will also be children’s eSports camps to foster the next generation of gaming enthusiasts.

A business hub called Digital Tower will include workspaces, an accelerator for startups, high-speed technologies, and animation development studios.

An American college fraternity-style GG (good game) Bootcamps section will also be developed to allow professional players to prepare for major tournaments, with healthy food, personal space, and quality equipment available.

True Gamers was founded in 2019 and has 124 eSports halls in the UAE and Eastern Europe. In 2024, the company signed an agreement to open 150 clubs in Saudi Arabia with an investment of $45 million.

(Reporting by Imogen Lillywhite; editing by Seban Scaria)