ABU DHABI - The Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) of the Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT) in Abu Dhabi has launched the second phase of the smart transport project in Yas Island and Saadiyat Island.

The smart transport project in Yas Island and Saadiyat Island currently includes a fleet of eight "TAXI" autonomous vehicles, the first fully automated self-driving taxis in the UAE, which were launched last May.

It also includes four mini Robo buses, which were added to the local transport services in June, in addition to 15 new charging stations added this month in Yas Island and Saadiyat Island. The Automatic Rapid Transit (ART) will operate in November in Yas Island and Saadiyat Island.

The smart transport project is conducted in collaboration between the ITC and Bayanat, a G42 company specialising in AI-powered geospatial intelligence.

ITC stated that this project is a part of Abu Dhabi's intelligent transport strategy to adopt sustainable transport solutions based on knowledge and innovation, reinforcing the efforts to develop cities.

The DMT and the ITC, along with their strategic partners in both government and private sectors, are working towards establishing a smart, integrated and sustainable transport system, striving to realise the aspirations of the leadership and their futuristic vision.

Hasan Al Hosani, CEO of Bayanat, stated, "The first phase of the project in Yas Island was of resounding success, reflecting the positive impact that artificial intelligence-supported spatial and geospatial data has on our daily activities and lives. The move to the project's second phase represents a milestone in the digital transformation of the transport sector in Abu Dhabi.

"We have increased the fleet size and implemented the Automatic Rapid Transit (ART) system, in addition to geographical expansion of operational areas. We are also excited to begin the second phase in cooperation with the Integrated Transport Centre, thereby contributing to the development of smart and sustainable cities that align with the aspirations of the UAE's wise leadership."

ITC announced that the project's second phase would be launched prior to hosting the Formula 1 Etihad Airways Grand Prix at Yas Marina Circuit in November, one of the world's largest sporting and entertainment events, strengthening Abu Dhabi's status as a host of major global sporting events.