DUBAI: DigitalX, a subsidiary of Digital DEWA, the digital arm of Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (PJSC), signed an exclusive agreement with Blue MENA, a leader in digital solutions that integrates disruptive technologies, business re-engineering, industry expertise, and innovation for elevated customer experiences.

The agreement was signed between Hamad Karam, COO of DigitalX and Riadh Boukhris, CEO of Blue MENA to provide unique, competitive and customised solutions tailored to the needs of private and public companies across banking, healthcare and varied other sectors.

“In line with Dubai Services 360 policy to improve Dubai Government Services, DigitalX has always been at the forefront of introducing innovative solutions that bridge process and technology gaps and help deliver service excellence. Our partnership with Blue MENA will offer a robust software platform that will embrace our client’s policies and processes easily and ensure that their digital transformation is successful, enabling them to improve their business metrics quickly,” said Hamad Karam, COO of DigitalX.

DigitalX offers digital services, resource augmentation, intelligent automation solutions and mission critical analytical modelling systems for optimal decision-making.

It helps stakeholders create new possibilities by capitalising on innovative services and emerging technologies, powering productivity, and driving growth for their business.

As part of the collaboration, both the companies aim to elevate customer experience to the next level with The Universal Customer Service Centre. In addition, the partnership will bring to surface cutting-edge technologies and best practices that will make transition to digital solutions simple and easy.

“It is a pleasure to associate with DigitalX. Customer journeys are changing all the time. We go beyond mapping customer journeys to understanding customer intent and then work with some of the best companies in the world to reach their highest business potential and become role models for their industry. Our collaboration with DigitalX is an effort to create world-class digital solutions to help government and enterprise entities successfully implement Customer-Service-Elevation in their everyday business,” said Riadh Boukhris, CEO of Blue MENA.