In a strategic move for the automotive aftermarket and lifestyle sector, BinSulaiman Group – OBS, has announced a landmark official licensee agreement with Michelin Lifestyle Limited, a division of the Michelin Group. This agreement, spanning the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Egypt and Algeria markets, is poised to significantly enhance the availability and selection of Michelin’s world-class products to consumers across these regions.

The partnership will see BinSulaiman Group – OBS, working closely with Michelin Lifestyle Limited to introduce a range of new innovative products tailored to the tastes and preferences of the GCC, Egypt and Algeria markets. The collaboration represents a strategic expansion and enhanced brand visibility for the two entities, capitalizing on BinSulaiman Group – OBS’s robust distribution network across the release and Michelin’s enduring legacy of excellence.

Dr Omar BinSulaiman, Founder and Chairman of BinSulaiman Group – OBS said: “This collaboration with Michelin Lifestyle Limited is not just a business agreement but a synergy and convergence of shared visions. Together, we aim to develop our brand propositions, enhancing the positive emotional experiences associated with our brands. This partnership symbolizes a new chapter in our journey to deliver excellence and emotional resonance through our innovative products”.

Group CEO of BinSulaiman Group – OBS, Abdulla Bin Darwish, highlighted the strategic importance of this agreement: “Our team’s deep market knowledge and close understanding of our customers in the GCC, Middle East, Africa and South Asian markets are pivotal in this partnership. With access to Michelin Lifestyle Limited’s esteemed portfolio and our market insights, we are poised to deliver products that resonate deeply with our customers’ needs and aspirations. This agreement also enables our Research & Development (R&D) department, to develop and manufacture innovative products under the Michelin License in response to market demands.”

For Michelin, this collaboration extends its market presence, enhancing its accessibility in new territories. BinSulaiman Group – OBS’s expertise in local markets, bespoke distribution networks, and consumer insights will enable more tailored and responsive product offerings.

Created in 2000, Michelin Lifestyle Limited, part of the Michelin Group, adds the power of the Michelin brand to rigorously-selected products under licence. From vehicle accessories to all the necessary equipment to clean, maintain and repair any vehicle, up to footwear soles; Michelin Lifestyle Limited (MLL) is the daily partner of any mobility.

With over two decades of achievements, including leading the global automotive engine flushing industry, BinSulaiman Group – OBS has played a crucial role in establishing industry benchmarks and expanding the automotive aftermarket ecosystem. Its recent recognition as the Fastest Growing Company of the Year 2023 further cements its status as a regional leader with diversified interests across various sectors.

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