Egypt - Aisha Jewels, a jewellery design company, plans to enter the Egyptian market in 2024 by launching its headquarters there, as the demand for jewellery designs in Egypt is growing.

Aisha Abdul Malik, the co-founder of the company, told DNE at the Forbes Middle East Conference that her company already has headquarters in the UAE, Kuwait and Bahrain, and offers its services online to all countries.

She said that her company designs jewellery for clients from all over the world, including Egypt, China, Istanbul, London, Germany, and the UK.

She explained that the company receives many requests from Egyptian clients, both in the Gulf and in Egypt, who want special designs.

She said that the company’s business model is based on low costs and high profits. The company does not take long to reach the break-even point and profitability but rather makes profits from the first day of its operation.

The company provides its services through direct communication between the designer and the women who want unique designs.

Aisha Jewels was founded by two siblings, Aisha Abdul Malik and Abdullah Abdul Malik, and has been operating in the Gulf market for about 10 years.

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