DHAHRAN — Real estate’s boundless field offers a deep rooted approach into creativity to ensure its sustainability. Through the Alsharqiya Gets Creative initiative launched by the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra), real estate has become a transformative path for the most distinguished projects, as proven through the talk by Awan Real Estate Group, as the group shed light on project management and its relationship to sustainable development, as part of various activities within the initiative.

The talk brought many specialists in project management, including the architect, Saeed Al Amoudi. The talk empowered individuals and their relationship with institutions within the basis of the sustainable work. There are several tools and incentives related to the development projects that ensure the sustainability of the real estate sector, which was described by the attendees as, "the most vital sector for the growth of societies."

Al Amoudi further elaborated about the history of projects, their origins, and the interest in them, until they became a fuel for human development through creativity and innovation. This led to the materialization of a clear impact that made a tangible difference.

The year 1967 witnessed a starting point for establishing organizations and institutes and issuing certificates with guidelines on project management, especially since its concept is characterized by its ability to control the influencing factors through three elements: time, cost, and quality, as they represent criteria for the success of the project manager, and all of them contribute to raising the percentage of achieving efficiency for each project.

In parallel, the participants highlighted the most important characteristics of a successful project manager, such as proficiency in selecting the staff and cooperation, in addition to the ability to comprehensively plan and continuously anticipate obstacles. They should also be proficient in communication skills to achieve the current and future phases of business strategies that require balanced policies and promising capabilities.

In addition, they need to document the progress of each project, beginning with defining and planning the project, and understanding and addressing the factors that affect its implementation. Furthermore, it is vital that project managers value time planning, understanding the stages of the project, and calculating the financial cost, leading up to the execution stage, then monitoring, and risk management, followed by the life of the project after submission, and reviewing the agreed list of specifications, while adhering to the project's timeline.

It is worth noting that the Awan Real Estate Group granted artists with creative spaces to express their environments. They had the opportunity to paint on walls, which were later posted on social media platforms. The creative activities also branched out to include a workshop titled From Design to Execution, targeting university students keeping pace with the aspirations of the Saudi market.

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