The Emirates Red Crescent (ERC) launched today the 2024 Sacrificial and Eid Clothing Project, which will benefit 527,700 people inside and outside the country, at an initial cost of AED15 million.

The ERC said about 100,000 people inside the country and 400,000 people in 53 countries around the world will benefit from the sacrificial initiative, while 27,700 people will benefit from the Eid clothing campaign.

During a press conference held today at its headquarters in Abu Dhabi, the ERC explained that the project will be implemented in four continents to mitigate the humanitarian impact of food shortages in the affected countries.

Rashid Mubarak Al Mansouri, Secretary-General of the ERC, said, "The sacrificial project contributes to alleviating economic and living burdens and reducing the impact of food shortages in many countries."

“This year's Sacrificial Project comes in the midst of difficult and complex humanitarian conditions that many peoples around us are experiencing, as a result of the severity of crises and disasters, the expansion of the scope of poverty due to food scarcity and rising prices, in addition to the prevailing economic conditions that everyone is aware of. Therefore, the ERC has been keen to expand the umbrella of beneficiaries of the Sacrificial Project outside the country, especially in the Gaza Strip to alleviate the suffering of our brotherly Palestinian people and reduce the impact of food shortages.”