ABU DHABI- The Abu Dhabi General Services Company, Musanada, has affirmed that it remains fully committed to the installation of advanced safety sensing systems across buildings and housing projects constructed by the company in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Dhafrah, including the fire detection devices (gas, smoke, heat and flame detectors) equipped with state-of-the-art smart technologies.

The company noted that in the presence of smoke, these highly sophisticated systems send proactive audio alarms in the form of a siren to occupants of the house or building, giving them sufficient time to evacuate the premises, stressing the need to establish a sense of preventive behaviour at home while emphasising the importance of installing fire detection systems.

Musanada further explained that the firefighting equipment deployed throughout all residential projects (both for villas and houses) currently constructed by the company is capable of alerting family members who are asleep before smoke and fire spread. The company added that it scrutinises the firefighting equipment and smart systems, before and after installation at the various housing projects under construction, noting that it is currently constructing 1,060 residential villas across a variety of projects including construction of the Emirati neighbourhood at Al Samha Region East and West that comprises construction of 250 villas for UAE nationals; the Sweihan and Al Sad housing projects at Al Ain city comprising 510 residential units, and the Al Hayer housing project comprising 300 residential units. Musanada, while stating that it is giving due consideration to the installation of latest fire detection equipment and systems, has revealed that it plans in the coming period to commence construction of three housing projects currently in the design phase. These are the Al Mirfa Beach Housing Project comprising 410 residential villas, 347 residential units at Al Wathba North and South, in addition to the Al Dhafrah Square Project which comprises expansion of 222 residential units at Madinat Zayed in Al Dhafrah region.

"Adopting the latest Fire and Life Safety Code of Practice in cooperation with the General Command of Civil Defence, in the Ministry of Interior, Musanada remains firmly committed to the latest safety and fire protection systems across all the projects it is engaged in, particularly housing projects," said Eng. Suwaidan Rashed Al Dhaheri, Musanada’s CEO. "The safety systems deployed by Musanada are approved for the local market and comply with the requirements of the Civil Defence," he added. "These include the installation of smoke detection equipment inside each room, in the corridors between rooms, and on each floor of the house including the basement, besides the advanced thermal insulation system for the walls and floors and fire-resistant doors and false ceilings in the kitchen which is also supplied with manual fire extinguishers and fire protection blankets, as per the requirements of the UAE Fire and Life Safety Code of Practice," he explained.

Al Dhaheri stated that Musanada is currently focusing on developing and improving fire detection and sensing systems in collaboration with the concerned authorities in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Hamad Nukheirat Al Ameri, Director-General of Abu Dhabi Housing Authority, ADHA, assured that they are keen on ensuring the implementation of safety and protection requirements and deployment of firefighting equipment and alarm systems across all housing projects. He urged all community members to comply with the periodical maintenance programme of all safety systems and firefighting equipment without overlooking the safety requirements at homes, including the periodic maintenance of electrical appliances, wires, and gas pipes.

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