The Saudi Ministry of Health and Becton Dickinson Saudi Arabia today announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) aimed at advancing the healthcare sector in the Kingdom. This initiative aligns with the ministry's efforts to enhance its healthcare services in line with the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and the Saudi national transformation program for automation and digitalization in medication dispensing and medication access for the public healthcare sector.

As part of the collaboration, both organizations will leverage their extensive capabilities and expertise to facilitate the digital transformation in healthcare. They will harness modern technology tools to support the healthcare infrastructure in the Kingdom, reduce the burden on healthcare professionals, and ensure the delivery of world-class medical services in alignment with the Kingdom's vision.

The Ministry and BD Saudi Arabia will furthermore drive digital transformation and automation of medication dispensing kiosks at the ministry's affiliated hospitals. The collaboration falls under the ‘BDAIAH’ initiative, which will define the joint working methodology between the two organisations. The partnership intends to launch BDAIAH in hospitals affiliated with the Ministry of Health, with medical practices and technologies aimed at achieving better medication management.

Roland Goette, President of BD EMEA, commented, “Our partnership with the ministry is poised to be a catalyst for the healthcare sector's growth in the Kingdom, harmonizing seamlessly with the latest global advancements. Our primary goal is to enhance the quality of services accessible to the Kingdom's population. We are committed to contributing by introducing our cutting-edge healthcare automation solutions and seamlessly integrating technological innovations into the infrastructure of healthcare institutions. This concerted effort will usher in an era of more advanced and efficient healthcare services, all with a profound focus on patient well-being.”

Throughout this collaboration, BD Saudi Arabia will provide its latest innovations and cutting-edge automation services to fulfil the partnership objectives with the Ministry of Health. This will be achieved by leveraging capabilities and expertise, including technology-integrated Connected Medication Management (CMM) solutions that enhance medication management through data-driven systems like electronic health records, mobile applications, and other connected devices. These data-driven solutions help to enhance patient outcomes, reduce medication errors, and improve healthcare quality. The project strives to align with Vision 2030’s digitalization and automation strategic vector by offering advanced, integrated, and comprehensive software and hardware solutions that assist healthcare facilities in managing medication orders, dose tracking, barcode scanning, and medication usage reviews.

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