Egypt - MEGAMIND, a digital healthcare solutions company, is in talks to digitize certain healthcare services in Egypt, with a project valued at EGP 4bn. The project is currently under study, and all details will be announced after finalizing partnership agreements with relevant entities.

Hamza Sobhi Baterjee, Chairperson and General Manager of the company, stated that MEGAMIND operates in the field of digital health solutions, starting from expanding the infrastructure networks and communication cables within hospitals and medical institutions, to establishing data centers. The company establishes 15 to 25 data centers annually for healthcare facilities.

Baterjee further clarified that his company has implemented digitization projects with 40 hospitals and medical institutions, both government and private, including the Saudi German hospitals in Cairo and Alexandria. MEGAMIND has 11 sites in the Saudi market, three in the UAE, and two in Egypt. He emphasized that the company sees the local market as a gateway to expanding into Africa and the Middle East soon.

Additionally, Baterjee mentioned that MEGAMIND is set to enter the Moroccan market by mid-2024, followed by Pakistan in 2025. The company focuses on developing front-end and back-end systems for hospitals, including financial asset management, human resources, procurement, and more. He highlighted MEGAMIND’s role in analyzing digital data and preparing comprehensive reports on how healthcare facilities are managed. The company has partnerships with 60 global entities in artificial intelligence and digital health technologies, aiding in predicting a patient’s health based on their overall condition, medications, radiology, and tests.

Baterjee emphasized that these technologies enable hospitals to monitor patients’ health without direct human intervention, through a Clinical Command Center comprising teams in different specialties such as internal rooms within healthcare facilities, pharmacies, and outpatient clinics.

Wael Zowail, Head of the Operations Services Sector at the company, confirmed that MEGAMIND offers five main products in the digital health technology field. These include the electronic medical record “Mega Care,” a product related to managing contractual relationships between health insurance entities and hospitals, and the application “MEGA TOOLS.” This mobile application allows patients to schedule appointments with specialized doctors, request video conference calls, and follow up on their specific tests and radiology.

Additionally, Zowail mentioned “Mega Data,” aiming to provide data and statistics about the medical facility’s condition to support decision-makers. The company also provides cybersecurity solutions for hospital infrastructure networks, especially in the face of electronic attacks, as information is considered the oil of the modern era.

He expressed the view that digital solutions contribute to increasing the efficiency of healthcare facilities and raising their net profits by no less than 70% while improving patient recovery opportunities through disciplined prescription of authorized medications based on their diagnosis.

Zowail discussed ongoing discussions with the Ministry of Health to contribute to the implementation of a comprehensive insurance project, especially since the company has made significant progress in the digital transformation experience, and it possesses all the required solutions in this regard.

Baterjee revealed that they studied investment opportunities in emerging Egyptian entities operating in the digital medical solutions sector. He noted that the company aims to reach 350 employees in Egypt by 2024, compared to the current 100.

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