Following its formation by the UAE Cabinet in November 2023 and holding of its inaugural meeting last month, the Board of Directors of the Emirates Drug Establishment (EDE) discussed in its second meeting the first 100-day plan for the formation of the new federal body tasked with overseeing regulation of all medical and pharmaceutical products in the UAE.

The meeting was chaired by Dr. Thani bin Ahmed Al Zeyoudi, Minister of State for Foreign Trade and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Emirates Drug Establishment, in the presence of Dr. Maha Taysir, Deputy Chairperson of the Board, Dr. Fatima Mohammed Hilal Al Kaabi, General Manager of the Establishment, and council members: Dr. Issa Abdul Fattah Kazim, Badr Saleem Al Ulama, Dr. Aamer Ahmed Sharif, Dr. Farhan Malik, and Professor Chris Evans.

The periodicity of the meetings of the EDE Board of Directors was a key discussion point in the inaugural meeting last month, where it was decided that they would follow in fast succession until the construction of the administrative and institutional headquarters of the establishment and its full activation.

Al Zeyoudi applauded the fast succession of meetings to date, highlighting it as signalling the commitment of the Establishment to achieve its overarching objectives of enhancing the availability, quality, safety and effectiveness of medical and pharmaceutical services in the UAE and reinforcing the nation’s position as a global and regional hub for the pharmaceutical and medical sectors.

He said, “The commitment of the Emirates Drug Establishment to accelerate its institutional, organisational and administrative formation aligns with the directives of the UAE and the vision of our wise leadership to create new economic sectors equipped to address the needs of the future population, attract local and foreign investments and nurture the best minds and competencies in the field. Once online, the Emirates Drug Establishment will play an important strategic role in developing national capabilities in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors and enhancing drug security in the country.”

For her part, Dr. Fatima Al Kaabi confirmed that continuing to work on completing the formation of the EDE at administrative and organisational levels is an important step to achieving the strategic goals of the regulatory body that aims to elevate the healthcare and pharmaceutical manufacturing ecosystem in the UAE and stimulate economic growth.

Dr. Al Kaabi said, “The Emirates Drug Establishment will continue in the coming period to implement the decisions of the Board of Directors to complete the construction of its organisational structure and attract a competent team to ensure the continued elevation of the healthcare industry in the country according to the best international standards.”

The UAE Cabinet approved the formation of the Board of Directors for the Emirates Drug Establishment in December 2023. This board, which will serve a three-year term, is tasked with overseeing the federal institution’s mandate to regulate and manage all medical products at the national level. The institution’s jurisdiction extends across the entire country, including free zones, and encompasses a broad spectrum of products. These include pharmaceuticals, medical devices, healthcare products, essential items, nutritional supplements, cosmetics, veterinary preparations, fertilisers, agricultural conditioners, plant growth regulators, pesticides, and products of genetically modified organisms. The Council of Ministers’ decree-law also permits the inclusion of any other medical products.