LONDON - Abdulla bin Touq Al Marri, Minister of Economy and Chairman of Investopia, participated in the market close ceremony at the London Stock Exchange (LSE). He visited the LSE headquarters in the British capital to discuss partnership opportunities, exchange experiences, and promote investments in financial services and cutting-edge fintech.

Julia Hogget, CEO of the London Stock Exchange, received him in the presence of Michael Mainelli, Lord Mayor of the City of London, and several representatives from government bodies, the private sector, and financial services companies from both countries.

Bin Touq emphasised the strong historical ties between the UAE and the UK. These relations have been continuously evolving across various fields in light of the commitment of both leaderships to driving them to new heights of prosperity and advancement.

He highlighted that the fintech and financial services sectors are key components of the economic cooperation agenda between the two nations.

The visit to the London Stock Exchange strengthens opportunities for collaboration in activities and businesses related to financial markets and cutting-edge digital solutions. It also served as a platform to exchange best practices in these crucial areas and facilitate access for business communities in both countries to promising prospects, particularly in new economy sectors.

The UAE economic delegation, headed by the Minister of Economy, visited the London Stock Exchange as part of their official visit to the United Kingdom. During this visit, a new edition of Investopia Global Talks titled 'Investopia London' will be held in cooperation with the HM Treasury, under the theme "UAE-British Financial Services: Partnership for the Future," in collaboration with the HM Treasury.

In October 2023, the UAE and the UK entered into an agreement to strengthen collaboration and partnership in financial services. The aim is to enable the private sector, startups, and entrepreneurs from both countries to access market opportunities and exchange expertise in financial market activities. These include innovative and cutting-edge financial services, green finance, and more.

Investopia plays a key role in implementing the outcomes of this agreement by fostering cooperation between the UAE and the UK, with a specific focus on stimulating global investments in sectors of new economy such as finance, banking, and advanced financial technology.

Investopia remains committed to fostering stronger connections between the global investment community, government entities, business leaders, thought innovators, and experts. This collaboration aims to expedite the flow of capital and broaden investment prospects in emerging sectors, ultimately enhancing economic growth at regional and global levels.

The third edition of Investopia Summit will be held in Abu Dhabi on 28th and 29th of February 2024. It will feature various events and activities, including bilateral meetings and discussion sessions between representatives of global and regional governments, investors, private sector companies, and research and academic institutions.

The summit aims to explore investment opportunities in the UAE market and regional and global markets. Additionally, it aims to highlight the economic shifts that have occurred globally, prompting countries to invest in new sectors of the economy. It also seeks to foster cooperation in areas such as sustainability, the green economy, circular economy, talent investment, clean energy, and new technologies for financial services.