ABU DHABI - Environmental policies are integral to the Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA)'s approach to its environmental and social responsibilities.

The company is committed to producing aluminium in an eco-friendly manner as it plays a vital role in building a green and sustainable future, given its multiple applications across various industries.

In reaffirmation of the company's dedication to fostering positive environmental change, a clear roadmap has been established to outline a more sustainable future, aligning with the UAE's vision and targets for achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

The company achieves this by consistently implementing top-notch environmental practices throughout its operations and maintaining a responsible approach to its management, contributing to the country's environmental goals.

In response to the expected increase in aluminium demand by 50 to 80% by 2050, as projected by the International Aluminum Institute, the company recognises the importance of enhancing its recycling efforts. Recycled aluminium consumes significantly less energy, up to 95% less, than new metal production. As a result, EGA is working on establishing the UAE's first aluminium recycling facility.

It's worth noting that the company achieved a recycling rate increase of up to 57% in 2021 compared to 2020, as reported in its 2021 sustainability report.

As a testament to its commitment to the environmental sector, the company announced the launch of the "Aluminium Recycling Coalition" earlier this year. This initiative encourages individuals to adopt sustainable lifestyles, accelerate carbon removal, and solidify the UAE's position as a global leader in international efforts towards green development.

The company is firmly committed to achieving the goal of carbon neutrality and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. It reached a 35% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions during the smelting process in 2021 and an 85% reduction in perfluorocarbon emissions during the same period. Recycling plays a central role in reducing aluminium industry emissions.

Regarding carbon emissions, EGA is the world's first company to produce aluminium using solar energy, solidifying its role in promoting renewable and clean energy in the industrial sector, both locally and globally.

The company adheres to a pioneering sustainability approach in line with the Aluminum Stewardship Initiative, incorporating nearly 100 environmental and social governance conditions. It has received international recognition for sustainability in the aluminium industry, with all its operational assets worldwide being certified by this initiative.

In 2017, EGA was the first Middle East-headquartered company to join the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative. Al Taweelah alumina refinery was certified for its environmental, social and governance performance by the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative in 2019.

In 2021, the company's Jebel Ali facility met the same criteria. Guinea Alumina Corporation, a subsidiary of the company, received the first Outstanding Performance certificate for sustainability in Africa in 2023, recognising its sustainable operations in Guinea.

The company continues its progress by conserving natural resources, reducing waste generation, and safeguarding biodiversity. Environmental protection is a fundamental part of the company's corporate policy. It continuously monitors and audits the environment, and no negative impacts on its operations have been identified thus far.

Additionally, the company is actively involved in biodiversity preservation in the areas surrounding its operations. This is achieved through initiatives to protect wildlife, such as its dedicated programmes for preserving turtles and gazelles.

These programmes have been in place at the company's UAE sites since 2011, and they have successfully protected 110 nests on the beach adjacent to the company's site, resulting in the successful hatching of over 7,200 turtles.