Jeddah: Saudi youths made their mark in event management during Jeddah Season, where they made up more than 80% of the workforce. They embodied their enormous potential, wide range of talents, passion for work and eagerness to give and create new success stories.

The Matloob platform played a role in offering these young men and women with job opportunities in a variety of specializations required by the event zones. The largest and most significant share was in the management and operation of the event zones, whether in the various locations where Jeddah season is distinguished for this year or in the numerous games it offers or in the management of these zones and locations. These zones witness a variety of programs and events that Saudi young men and women have demonstrated their ability and success to manage and organize.
Jeddah Season was enthusiastic to attract young talents and creative individuals to participate in the events and demonstrated their talents and abilities in various fields. It also provided a large place for young people of both genders to gain experience and craft skills, enrich them with field experience and maximize their advantage.

Commercial activities in Jeddah season, whether specialized in providing food, beverages, candy industry, exhibitions of creative designs and graphics, or any other commercial, marketing, and artistic activities, witness a distinguished competition between young men and women of the country, who provide their services with all quality and professionalism. In addition, many of these capabilities have contributed to tourist guidance, event planning and the operation of numerous sites for visitors to Jeddah Season.

The turnout in the event zones reflects the diversity and excellence of the offers as well as their fulfillment of various desires; their realization of the visitors’ cultural, entertainment, and tourism aspirations; and their use as an investment resource that contributes to development, in order to achieve the Kingdom's Vision 2030 objectives. Since its launch in early May, Jeddah Season has attracted three million visitors from inside and outside the Kingdom.