ABU DHABI - The National Health Insurance Company – Daman, has announced the launch of a new range of health insurance plans for visitors to the UAE who intend to travel to Qatar for the football World Cup in November and December.

The World Cup Travel Insurance Plan (Multi Trip) will cover visitors to the UAE who intend to use the country as a base before flying in and out of Qatar to attend the matches. The flexible, multi-trip plans will cover visitors in the UAE and in Qatar for multiple entries between the two countries for a duration of up to 40 days.

The policies will be available as both 14-day and 40-day plans and will be offered with or without the option of comprehensive Covid-19 insurance. The plans start from just AED20.00 for a 14-day non-Covid-19 policy and increase to AED50.00 for a 40-day policy with COVID-19 coverage.

Stuart Leatherby, Chief Commercial Business Officer, National Health Insurance Company - Daman, commented, “Daman is among the very first insurance companies in the Middle East region to offer such a range of flexible insurance products, specifically tailored to the needs of visitors to the World Cup in Qatar. As a trusted partner of the UAE government, we are committed to providing sustainable, easy access to world-class medical facilities to everyone in the UAE – including visitors to our country.

“These plans are ideally suited to visitors who have been drawn to the region by the World Cup in Qatar. With millions of people estimated to come to the GCC nations en-route to football’s crowning event this year, these flexible, accessible insurance policies offer peace of mind for all.”

The World Cup Travel Insurance Plan (Multi Trip) policies will only be available to people who are visiting the UAE. UAE Nationals who are travelling to Qatar for the World Cup can purchase medical insurance for themselves and their family via Daman’s Musafer offering. Expatriate residents in the UAE can purchase international travel insurance to Qatar by purchasing Daman’s Alami product.