Bahrain Airport Services (BAS) has announced a significant investment of BD4.5 million ($11.94 million) in the renovation of its ground service equipment (GSE) fleet over three years.

This commitment marks a milestone for BAS and underscores the company's dedication to delivering exceptional services to its airline and cargo partners.

The fleet renovation project for GSE was carried out in two phases by the Central Support Division. Phase 1, which was completed earlier in 2023, included a successful assessment of over 1,386 equipment. These GSE underwent evaluations on technical competency, training and development, maintenance practices, technology and tools, fleet conditions and asset valuation, it said.

As a part of the replacement programme, BAS awarded bids for over 220 new ground support equipment, some of which have already started operation, while others will arrive in early 2024.

The addition of the new equipment will bolster BAS's operational capacities, resulting in elevated service standards and heightened operational effectiveness and sustainability, it said.

Anticipated for mid-2024, BAS is set to commence Phase 2 of the renovation project, expediting more than 180 equipment replacements to guarantee timely deliveries and uninterrupted services.

Nabeel Khalid Kanoo, Chairman of Bahrain Airport Services, said: "This significant investment is in line with Bahrain International Airport’s needs and comes as part of the kingdom’s aspirations to become a major aviation hub and enhance its role within the aviation and logistics sector.

“Additionally, this step exemplifies our unwavering pursuit of operational excellence. We recognise the dynamic nature of the aviation industry and remain steadfast in meeting the evolving needs of our airline and cargo partners. Eco-minded innovations can be seen on the ground, our vision involves playing our part in reducing the global aviation industry’s carbon footprint by maintaining GSE that serves this purpose.”

The new GSE fleet will enable BAS to improve its operational capabilities, providing airlines and cargo companies with a more efficient and seamless service experience at Bahrain International Airport, it said. 

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