Jun 30 2008

Youth projects support in discussion

Saleh Abdul Ghaffar Al Hashimi
Saleh Abdul Ghaffar Al Hashimi

Dubai - In a clear targeted invitation to support youth projects, " Mawarid Finance " organizes a discussion session under the national campaign "Falk Tayeb" businesses. The discussion panel is about the concept of Islamic finance and the role of government and private agencies in supporting youth projects. The session will be attended by a number of institutions and government and private bodies in the country. The event will be held at the Fairmont Dubai Hotel (33rd floor) on Sunday, July 6, 2008 at 4:30pm.

Saleh Abdul Ghaffar Al Hashimi, Deputy CEO of Mawarid Finance , stressed that the discussion session aims primarily at supporting small and medium enterprises for the youth, as " Mawarid Finance " plays the role of a mediator between the owners of these small enterprises on one hand, and companies and government and private institutions on the other hand. For those who are interested in the development and advancement of such projects on local, Arab and even international levels. And those who secure the necessary support on the ground that small enterprises are the core engine of the economy, and in turn require priority.

Al Hashimi pointed out that the discussion session is unprecedented in dealing with this approach and also because it received positive response from seven government and private institutions from around the country. They expressed the desire to participate in the event as soon as they were informed about the topics. This enthusiasm is based on a sound national vision. He further mentioned the seven institutions which are: The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Dubai Economic Department, Mohammed bin Rashid Foundation to support youth projects, Shaikh Saud bin Saqr Program to support youth projects in RAK, the Entrepreneurs Forum, the UAE Businesswomen Council and the Sharjah Ruwad Establishment.

The Deputy CEO of Mawarid Finance , expressed delight for the response, which affirms the keenness of government and private sectors to take part in such events, and this comes from the deep belief in the significance of supporting such projects and the importance of success, especially as the session will involve specialists in this topic.

The session will also introduce products of Islamic finance as well as innovative services offered by " Mawarid Finance " in compliance with both the Islamic Sharia and the requirements of investors, as per the close and mutual relationship between " Mawarid Finance " and its clients, he said.

He further clarified that in addition to the above, the gathering will shed light on a package of solutions and practical consultations for owners of such projects, and discuss difficulties and challenges facing them. The discussion session will enable the said segment of business owners to overcome obstacles in a way they can achieve their vision and ambitious goals. Provided that most small and medium enterprises face the consequences of the risks in lending operations and maintaining a fixed and continuous income.

He pointed out that the institutions such as institution Mohammed bin Rashid Foundation to support youth projects, Shaikh Saud bin Saqr Program to support youth projects in RAK, Sharjah Ruwad Establishment, the UAE Businesswomen Council and the Entrepreneurs Forum, will be represented by spokespersons. The session will also host a number of associate members of those institutions, and provide an open dialogue between members and representatives of those involved. He pointed out that the session will be a great opportunity to publicize the obstacles facing owners of such projects.

Al Hashimi also stressed on the need for an electronic portal for SME's aimed at providing data and information of such projects on the Internet in Arabic and English, for relevance in the context of meeting the information needs of policy makers, research, finance, service entities and businesses.

He explained that Mawarid Finance has put into its strategic plans to organize several discussion sessions on the long-term, to embrace the participation of government and private sectors institutions and owners of companies to raise national related issues.

The Deputy CEO of Mawarid Finance assured that the company will continue the "Falak Tayeb business" campaign, and signing agreements with institutions that sponsor and support youth projects like the ones recently concluded "the three agreements" with the Mohammed bin Rashid Foundation to support youth projects, Shaikh Saud program and the Entrepreneurs Forum.


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