Mar 16 2011

Saneou Al Hadath Unveils the MENA Region's Top Cities

Saneou Al Hadath Unveils the MENA Region's Top Cities
Dubai ranked as region's top city to live in for the second time

Doha number one for education

Kuwait City best for business and economy
Dubai, UAE 16 March, 2011: Dubai has been voted the best city in the Arab world to live in for 2011. Ranked the most popular living destination in the Middle East and North Africa in a report by Arab business publication Saneou Al Hadath, this is the second time the emirate has hit the top spot.

Dubai boasted 1,905,476[1] residents in 2010, a 7.6% increase on 2009 and further evidence of the city's popularity. Other Arab cities to come up trumps in the survey included Abu Dhabi, Doha and Kuwait City, all taking home titles.

With results released every March, Saneou Al Hadath's annual study has since become one of the leading indicators of where great to live in the Middle East and North Africa. Closely examining 19 Arab cities across the region, the study provides general knowledge and insight into local standards of living and acts as a platform for governmental institutions, businesses and academia for research, analysis and decision making.

Each year the study has revealed strong competition between Arab cities, in particular Dubai and Abu Dhabi who have fought for the title of 'Best Arab City to Live in' since the study's inception in 2007. This rivalry can be attributed to sharing similar living environments and social factors which other Arab cities lack such as economic status and human rights.

While Dubai has been voted the best city to live in this year, other destinations have also scored high across various categories; Kuwait topped the charts in terms of Business and Economy, while Abu Dhabi was named the best city for Health and Transportation.

Commenting on this year's report, Managing Editor of Saneou Al Hadath, Yousef Rafayah said: "This study is an important tool in aiding decision makers and business professionals in forecasting development and growth plans, and also gives the general population insight into the quality of living of across a selection of Arab Cities. As the world economy continues its recovery, more and more cities are emerging as attractive places in which to live, grow or set up a business."

The study is supported by several indices and figures disclosed from international research institutions across the following sectors; Business & Economy, Health, Education, Telecom and Transportation, Security and Human Rights, Culture and Leisure.

Rafayah added: "The survey identifies trends across Arab cities and the influencing factors affecting growth and setbacks for particular sectors within each city. We are confident that our readers will benefit from the results of the survey and we look forward to continuing the survey in years to come."

Saneou Al Hadath, the number one Arabic Business publication in the UAE[2], is a MediaquestCorp. publication, is a unique monthly Arabic business magazine that aims to attract middle and top managers to the Middle East who have an interest in daily business issues. It offers a lively look at entrepreneurs who have helped build empires, examining both the business and human aspects of their success.

Helping the business community to get to know their peers and recognize company achievements, Saneou Al Hadath aims to explain the economy in a unique and simple way through studies and topics that have since become its trademark.

*Detailed results of the survey available on request


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[1] Source: Dubai Statistics Center Population Estimations & Predictions from 2007 to 2010

[2] Ipsos Stat

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