28 December, 2016

The British University in Dubai aims for a closer collaboration with the public sector on sustainability and green buildings environment

The British University in Dubai aims for a closer collaboration with the public sector on sustainability and green buildings environment

28 December 2016

On December 26, 2016, The British University in Dubai welcomed a group of executives from the Federal Electricity & Water Authority (FEWA). The purpose of the visit was to get the FEWA executives acquainted with the University’s programmes and the areas of research on certain fields. In addition, the visit provided a brain storming opportunity for future potential research.

They were welcomed at the University by Prof. Abdullah Alshamsi, BUiD Vice Chancellor, and Prof Bassam Abu Hijleh, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and IT who briefed them about the university and its programmes. They also attended research presentations by PhD and Masters’ Students from Engineering Management and Sustainable Design of the Built Environment programmes. The presentations addressed Energy related topics such as Energy Management, Energy efficiency, and Energy Generation. The presentation discussed New Technologies in Energy Savings, Optimizing the Energy Consumption, Reducing the Dependency on the National Electricity Grid, Building Commissioning, Improving the Energy Security by Using the Solar and Wind Energy, and Integrated Lighting Strategies.

Prof. Bassam Abu Hijleh, Dean of Faculty of Engineering and IT commented:” It is really an honor for us to welcome you at BUiD. We believe that FEWA is a key partner with whom we can work together as researchers to advance a common understanding based on mutual interests and cooperation. We are committed to promoting research through our programmes and provide the energy sector with our knowledge and findings. Likewise, we like to receive feedback and partner with them on sustainability solutions”.

BUiD offers specialised postgraduate programmes covering a wide range of sustainability related research areas. The University is the leading research-based institution in the UAE and the region that offers research-intensive programmes. Students are encouraged to get closely involved in research projects during their studies, in addition to a standard 60-credit research dissertation.

For example, the MSc programme on Sustainable Design of the Built Environment (SDBE) provides the design team members with the knowledge, skills, and tools to enable them to undertake innovative approaches to sustainable design and integrating architectural and engineering solutions. The programme contains concentrations covering Architectural Design, Interior Design, Smart Buildings and Urban Design.

The MSc in Engineering Management Programme provides skills which engineers need to support them in the management tasks that are closely related to any engineering role. The programme has an Energy Management concentration, which introduces the concepts and applications of modern energy management practices. Its topics cover the need and the impact of energy management, types and equipment used in energy auditing, and the economic aspects of energy sourcing, purchase, and use.


About The British University in Dubai

The British University in Dubai (BUiD) was established in 2003 to be the Middle East’s leading research-based postgraduate university, facilitating world-class education, training and research. It provides an important and growing community and resource for young professionals, leading academics, corporate managers and aspiring leaders of all description.

The British University in Dubai is licensed by the UAE Ministry of Education – Higher Education Affairs to award its own degrees.  Its qualifications are also recognized internationally by NARIC.  BUiD’s internal quality assurance include processes that ensure our programmes and students’ achievements are of standards at least on a par with those of our UK partner universities 9University of Edinburgh, the University of Manchester, Cardiff University, and the University of Glasgow).The UK Universities collaborate with BUiD within a Concordat agreement that provides a comprehensive framework for the strategic directions and governance of the alliance.

BUiD offers full and part-time research based Masters Degree programmes, PG Diplomas and Certificates; the regions first accredited Doctorate in Education and the PhD in Project Management, Ph D in Architecture & Sustainable Built Environment, and PhD in Computer Science and recently PhD in Business Management. Masters programmes and Post Graduate Diplomas in: Education, Finance and Banking, Human Resource Management, Informatics (Knowledge and Data Management), IT Management, Project Management, Construction Management, Systems Engineering, Construction Law and Dispute Resolution, Sustainable Design of the Built Environment , Intelligent Building Design and Automation, Business Administration(MBA),Structural Engineering  and Engineering Management.

The non-profit university has attracted academic experts to develop regionally tailored programmes, in which they extend and challenge the boundaries of knowledge, understanding and research.

BUiD works in collaboration with leading organization and institutions including Atkins, Emirates Green Building Council, , the federal Ministry of Education, government and associated bodies Human Resource Forums agencies for Academic  and professional development across the UAE’s public and private sectors.

The founders of the University are the Al Maktoum Foundation, the Dubai Development and Investment Authority, Rolls-Royce, the British Business Group and the National Bank of Dubai. The University is governed by a Council under the chancellorship of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum.

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