Abu Dhabi: etisalat by e& has announced today a strategic alliance with Huawei to unveil the first net zero 5G Massive MIMO site deployment in the MENA region.

This ground-breaking deployment will be showcased at Dubai Expo City, the landmark venue of the 28th Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC (COP28), underlining etisalat be e&’s commitment to environmental responsibility and technological excellence.

Powered entirely by renewable energy, this 5G site represents the convergence of sustainability and cutting-edge wireless technology. Massive MIMO technology, the cornerstone of 5G, improves capacity, coverage and user experience. The collaboration ushers in a new era of green network infrastructure, with the region's most energy-efficient 100 percent off-grid 5G site to date, powered by an innovative AI-based energy management system, expected to reduce CO2 emissions by around 26 tonnes per year.

Khalid Murshed, Chief Technology and Information Officer at etisalat by e&, said: "Our partnership with Huawei to launch the region's first 5G Massive MIMO net-zero site is a testament to our commitment to sustainable innovation. Launched for the first time at COP28, this initiative demonstrates our ability to marry technology and sustainability, engaging world leaders in a dialogue on climate action.

"Our vision is to be at the forefront of sustainable technologies that support the UAE's Net-Zero 2050 strategy. Together with Huawei, we aim to expand our portfolio of zero-carbon sites and set the standard for sustainable telecommunications infrastructure."

The site is a model of green innovation, using solar power and smart energy storage solutions. It uses advanced MetaAAU (64T64R with 384 antenna array), Multi-band RRU and green antennas, improving energy efficiency up to 25 percent.   and multi-band RRU reduce the radio weight up to 66 per cent. Managed by NetEco, an artificial intelligence system, the site's energy consumption is meticulously optimised, with a focus on real-time energy management.

The enduring partnership between etisalat by e& and Huawei reflects a shared vision for a sustainable future. By working together, both parties are committed to providing solutions that enhance connectivity while promoting sustainable practices, thus contributing to the global dialogue on environmental protection and technological progress.

About etisalat by e&, UAE

‘etisalat by e&’ embodies the telecom arm of e& in the UAE, with a mission to maximise stakeholder value, deliver an unparalleled customer experience and optimise business performance for sustainable growth and success.

Leveraging the latest world-class technologies, etisalat by e& will grow core and digital services, enriching consumer value propositions with digital services catering to new consumer lifestyles and emerging demands beyond core telecom services, including health, insurance and gaming. etisalat by e& will continue to act as a trusted partner to enterprises in meeting their connectivity needs and beyond.

Bolstering its leadership position as a digital telco that champions customers in a hyper-connected digital world, etisalat by e& will pivot the new sustainable demand into future spaces such as private networks, autonomous vehicles and AI.

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