In a groundbreaking move, B2B Consultancy and Real Estate Investment  has inked a deal to showcase the Uptown and Central 7 projects by the esteemed Omani real estate developer, "Wujha" in the vibrant Egyptian market.

As the forefront player in Egypt's real estate scene, B2B proudly unveils its collaboration with "Wujha", a powerhouse among Omani developers. Together, they are set to introduce the Uptown and Central 7 projects to the discerning Egyptian audience and savvy investors.

"Wujha" offers a wealth of advantages to its Egyptian clientele through a residency program that grants permanent residency via property acquisition in the Sultanate of Oman.

This exclusive package includes visa-free travel to Gulf countries and the added perk of no property taxes in the Sultanate. Moreover, the collaboration promises lucrative investment opportunities with returns in dollars.

Wujha’s ambitious expansion plan aims to revolutionize Oman's real estate market and extend its influence to the Gulf, solidifying its position as a leader in the Arab world and North Africa. Renowned for its leadership and credibility in Oman, Wijha boasts an impressive portfolio of 15 residential and commercial developments. Steering this success are chairman Hazzaa Al-Saadi and CEO Ali Al-Hashmi.

As B2B charts its expansion, not only in Egypt but internationally, the partnership with "Wujha" introduces two exciting projects:

Uptown Muscat:

Nestled in the knowledge oasis of Muscat, Oman, this residential gem offers units ranging from 100 to 300 square meters.  The development showcases expansive landscapes, water features, swimming pools, and fully finished units with top-notch amenities.

Central 7:

B2B is also thrilled to present Central 7, a dynamic commercial and administrative project with a delivery schedule of just two years, according to the project timeline.

B2B Consultancy and Real Estate Investment, a pioneering force in Egypt's real estate landscape, sets itself apart with its rigorous market analysis and inventive investment solutions. Our team of adept real estate consultants is dedicated to achieving excellence in both the Egyptian and Gulf markets, guaranteeing a smooth and fulfilling experience for all stakeholders engaged.