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The Audi Driving Experience at the Dubai Autodrome is essentially to improve everyone's driving ability-from beginners to experts.

The Audi Driving Experience at the Dubai Autodrome is essentially to improve everyone's driving ability-from beginners to experts-by introducing people to the unique features of Audi cars. Oommen John P reports

The Middle East has no dearth of sports cars. But driving one of these machines around a racetrack is altogether a different experience. Select journalists from Oman found this at the half day Audi Driving Experience in Dubai Autodrome recently.

The Audi driving experience puts you behind the wheels of an Audi TT and an Audi R8 V10, as you polish your skills at top speed. The day begins with an overview of basic driver safety, driving dynamics and key life-saving Audi technology. This is followed by the racecar driver/instructor taking you to the track to practise manoeuvring the cars through a series of traffic cones. After mastering the apex points around the track, you get a chance to move on to the progressive laps with the Audi TT. Each car is fitted with a radio so that instructor can give instant feedback to those handling the vehicle. The next task is to navigate through a racetrack corner on the Audi R8. Cones marked where to brake, and where to enter and exit the turn. The Audi R8 rockets to 100kph in 3.9 seconds, with a top speed of 315kph. Participants are encouraged to push the Audi vehicles to its limits and learn how to react in difficult situations.

Faisal Nawaz, marketing manager of Audi Oman says "Audi has been offering one of the most successful driver trainings and experiences in the world in terms of safety and driving fun. The basic objective of the driving experience is to give people the opportunity to get a first-hand feel of the handling, technology, performance, luxury and thrill aspects of a high speed Audi R8V10. Audi's philosophy of 'Vorsprung durchTechnik' dictates that we challenge convention and push boundaries, and what better way to understand the DNA of the brand than an experience such as the Audi Driving Experience in Dubai."

The Audi Driving Experience was initially set up in 1983, in Audi's home country, Germany. It was established to improve everyone's driving ability-from beginners to experts-by introducing people to the unique features of Audi cars, so they can experience pure Vorsprung out on the track.

Janice Hinson, public relations manager, Audi Middle East says "The Audi Driving Experience gives those who attend an opportunity to have professional training that will boost driving skills as well as confidence. It also gives all candidates the know-how to best utilise Audi's technological innovations and the power of Vorsprung engineering."

Hundred years of 'Vorsprung durch Technik' has resulted in a range of Audi vehicles, which are the epitome of performance, design and engineering. Equally important is that our drivers are able to best experience this engineering and performance, and for this, the Audi driving experience was established. Internationally acclaimed, the Audi driving experience provides expert training from our team of certified Audi Driving Instructors. The courses aim to improve confidence and increase the enjoyment of driving an Audi through refining the driving skills of participants, she adds. At the Dubai Autodrome, you can experience the latest and most advanced features in automobile safety technology, improve your driving skills, awareness and concentration, and enjoy consistently safer driving. A range of courses are on offer, from the adrenaline packed Audi R8 driving experience to the informative Audi Advanced driving course, all aiming to improve driving skills in real-life road situations.

"Anyone who has a passion for driving and a desire to improve their skills on the track and the road can take up the courses. The courses run throughout the year and can be booked directly with the Autodrome. This year, over 700 people have taken part in Audi Driving courses and experiences at the Dubai Autodrome," says Janice.

The Dubai Autodrome has hosted the Audi driving experience since early 2007. The Dubai Autodrome currently offers the following courses: Audi Advanced driving course; Audi Sports Car driving course; Audi R8 driving experience; Audi Chauffeur driving course and Audi Team Build driving experience.

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