Fisheries Development Oman (FDO) launches its new brand aimed at the enhancement of investment opportunities in the fishing industry and a prosperous, fruitful economic future for the Sultanate of Oman.

The new logo embodies an abstract representation of multiple water layers and a perspective of sea and ocean waters in addition to Polaris abstraction as an indication of the Omanis' ancient maritime history, thriving fishing industry and significant business relations.

"We unveil our new logo, priding ourselves on the achievements made in the fishing industry, including the thriving fish farming industry, diversified production, boosted return as well as the capability and competency building. Again, we promise more achievements and progress," said Engineer Nabil bin Salim Al-Bimani, the FDO's GCEO.

"We unveil our new logo to reinforce our strategic orientation for the period 2023-2026 based on three main pillars, namely the reinforcement of infrastructure, the diversification of the investment products, and the enhancement of the return on products. We found plenty of investment opportunities for the expansion of the commercial fishing fleet, the farming of new species of marine organisms in Oman and the development of fish value-added products," Al-Bimani added.

"In FDO, we work on our vision through our mission with a view to boosting the Omani economy by creating such investment opportunities that attract investors and to localise the supply chain by supporting the SMEs and cherishing the ICV," Al-Bimani confirmed.

Undoubtedly, the new brand will be promoted by hard work for developing the commercial fishing sector and sustainable fish farming as well as FDO's acquisition of eight group companies operating in the integrated solutions in the fisheries sector. In the fish farming sector, the Company works with group companies for the development of fish farming projects in several locations within the Sultanate.

Oceanic Shrimp Aquaculture builds, manages and operates farms for natural shrimp in both Qurun and Khuwaymah where white leg shrimp has been also farmed since 2021 with a capacity of up to about 10,000 tonnes of disease-free shrimp. In addition, Blue Waters manages and operates fin fish farms in Quriyat with a capacity of up to 5,000 tonnes per annum. Oman Pelagic develops the commercial fishing fleet by managing and operating three ships for catching small pelagic fish and expands the fleet by adding two ships for catching small pelagic fish and two ships for tuna fishing.

As for the value-added sector, FDO works with group companies, namely the International Sea Food Company and Oman Fisheries Co., for creating added value for the Omani economy through the canning of fish products and other seafood for catering to the local market and economy and getting international investment opportunities. The construction of the Seafood Canning Plant in Al Wusta Governorate, Duqm, is underway and commissioning is expected to take place by late 2023 in line with the Company's ICV development strategy, which will help support the national economy. The project cost is up to OMR 28 million and Phase I productive capacity is estimated at 100 million cans per year.

The group projects are aimed at the sustainable, competitive development of the fish farming sector, the cherishing of the ICV as well as an active contribution to the exploitation of the considerable available potential for the development of fisheries, the fulfilment of the food security needs as vital prerequisites, the creation of job opportunities through the diversification of the production systems through which safe, nutrient-rich, affordable fish farming products can be launched, as well as the maintenance and assurance of the environment which is necessary for the growth of the sector.

FDO is essential to the conservation of life below water in the Sultanate. Goal No.14 of the Sustainable Development Goals is about the conservation of seas, oceans and marine resources against pollution and the sustainable development of resources. FDO also endeavours to discharge its responsibility towards society and the environment by adopting environmentally and socially responsible modus operandi, studying the environmental and social impact of all of its investments and avoiding any effects that affect the environment before making any new investment decision on a variety of fish farming projects which are subject to local laws and international standards under the supervision of specialists in this field. In addition, the group companies are highly efficient companies with proven records that render their practices industry standard and environmentally responsible.

Oman Pelagic got the Friend of the Sea's Seafood Sustainable Certification from the World Sustainability Organisation, which is an international nonprofit organisation interested in environmental conservation. The certification is aimed at ocean protection and the introduction of sustainable practices into all business affairs for aquatic life safety.

With its new logo uncovered, FDO renews its determination to continue building and developing the fisheries sector to keep pace with the latest developments in the marine field and sustainable fisheries as the company continues to create productive partnerships with other international organisations to ensure the achievement of sustainable goals in the blue economy development and the sector enhancement in line with the global goals that ensure sustainable development of all sectors and consistency with Oman 2040 Vision which is intended for the optimisation of fisheries and the creation of investment opportunities that enhance economic development.

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