BEIJING - China's small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises have shown strong resilience in exports so far this year, according to the 2024 report on China's small and medium-sized enterprises export risk index (SMERI) released at an event in Beijing on Wednesday.

China Central Television (CCTV) reported that the joint publication by China Export and Credit Insurance Corporation (SINOSURE) and the Ministry of Commerce's research institute highlighted that, despite high inflation rates and sluggish trade activity in major European and American economies, risk indices in most Southeast Asian and South Asian countries remain relatively stable.

Furthermore, China's exports to emerging markets, particularly ASEAN, have seen significant growth.

"According to our data analysis, the exports of China's small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises have been pretty resilient so far this year," said Zhang Fa, Director of the Marketing Centre of the Digital Finance Department under SINOSURE.

The report also revealed that SMEs' overall credit risk has fluctuated over the past three years due to a challenging global trade environment and an increasing risk of payment default.

Earlier this year, SINOSURE expanded its risk assessment coverage to 60 countries and added seven industry indices, including electronic information and new energy, effectively covering the key export destinations and industry sectors for China's SME exporters.