IN a bid to reawaken culture awareness and devotion along side arts and tourism value chain, the WACT Festival is set to embark on a nationwide tour following its successful unveiling in Osun State.

With plans underway to traverse the length and breadth of the country, the festival aims to culminate in a grand command performance in the nation’s capital, Abuja.

The CEO of Afrostreets, Olusola Obashola Christopher, the driving force behind the festival promotion, elaborated on the profound significance of this nationwide tour.

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He articulated how the festival seeks to fill the void left by Festac, which later evolved into NAFEST.

In its quest to embark on a nationwide tour, the WACT Festival is strategically positioning itself as a beacon of cultural revival and national pride. Building upon the success of its debut in Osun, the festival organisers are planning a multi-city journey that will showcase the kaleidoscope of Nigeria’s cultural heritage.

Obasola explained that the festival’s objectives, emphasised the profound cultural vacuum left by the absence of FESTAC, which later metamorphosed into Nafest. Recognizing Nafest’s historical significance as a platform for cultural convergence, the WACT Festival seeks to reignite that spirit of unity and celebration on a grand scale.

“With planning and coordination, WACT is enlisting the support of various federal and state government agencies responsible for cultural arts and tourism.

“This collaborative effort ensures that the festival transcends mere entertainment to become a catalyst for social cohesion and national integration.

“Each stop on the nationwide tour will be curated to highlight the unique cultural heritage of the region, from traditional music and dance to indigenous cuisine and crafts.

“Through interactive workshops, exhibitions, and performances, WACT aims to immerse participants in the rich tapestry of Nigerian culture, fostering a deep appreciation for diversity and unity.”

At the heart of this ambitious undertaking lies a steadfast commitment to the “Renewed Hope” Agenda spearheaded by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu. By championing the values of inclusivity, progress, and unity, WACT epitomises the aspirations of a nation striving for greatness.

As the festival caravan crisscrosses the country, it will serve as a powerful reminder of Nigeria’s cultural resilience and collective strength. By celebrating its past, embracing its present, and envisioning its future, WACT emerges as a transformative force for positive change and national renewal.

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