The second coordination office for UAE foreign aid was inaugurated in the Chadian city of Amdjarass, as part of the UAE's continuous efforts to provide assistance to the Chadian people and support endeavours to provide humanitarian and relief aid through the UAE’s humanitarian institutions to Sudanese refugees in Chad.

Sultan Mohammed Al Shamsi, Assistant Minister for Development and International Organisations Affairs, said: The establishment of the office is a continuation of the successful efforts to facilitate effective relief operations and strengthen the governance of foreign aid. The UAE has implemented Cabinet Resolution No. 5/4 of 2022 to enhance coordination between the UAE’s foreign aid donors, as well as to establish coordination offices in the UAE’s missions abroad to collaborate with foreign aid affairs in countries receiving UAE assistance.”

Furthermore, Al Shamsi highlighted the important roles of the coordination offices to enhance the efficiency and competitiveness of aid in accordance with best international standards, such as supervising the UAE’s foreign aid file in beneficiary countries and coordination of UAE donors to ensure effective coordination and continuous follow-up on aid projects and programmes.

He and the accompanying delegation visited the UAE field hospital in Amdjarass for an overview of the health services provided there. Since opening, the hospital has received 2,841 cases.

The opening ceremony of the office was attended by Isaac Maloua Gamous, Governor of Ennedi State in eastern Chad, and Ali Mohamed Al-Breiki, Director of the UAE Aid Coordination Office in Chad, along with representatives from UAE humanitarian institutions and agencies.