Liquid C2 has announced a collaboration with Google Cloud and Anthropic. This partnership aims to provide advanced cloud computing, cybersecurity, and generative AI (gen AI) solutions to businesses across Africa. The agreement builds on a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed in November 2023 between Liquid C2 and Google Cloud.

Liquid C2 will gain access to Google Cloud's expertise and solutions in cybersecurity, cloud offerings, AI, data analytics, and collaboration tools. Customers can expect enhanced security measures, advanced cloud technologies, and a commitment to data protection.

This partnership positions Liquid as the leading managed security service provider (MSSP) for Google Cloud in Africa. Additionally, this allows Liquid to offer Anthropic's AI models through Google's Vertex AI platform, allowing businesses to develop and deploy AI solutions within their cloud environments.

"Our collaborations with Google Cloud and Anthropic represent a significant step in our development as a leading provider of cloud and cybersecurity solutions in Africa," said a Strive Masiyiwa, cofounder and executive chair of Liquid parent company Cassava Technologies.

"We are committed to delivering solutions that address the unique challenges and opportunities of Africa's digital transformation."

Liquid will also introduce Google Workspace, a cloud-based collaboration platform with embedded gen AI tools, to customers across Africa. This collaboration is expected to benefit African businesses by providing them with robust cybersecurity, improved collaboration tools, and access to advanced AI capabilities.

Generative AI is a business tool

“Businesses are increasingly turning to generative AI to drive operational efficiencies, improve the customer experience, and empower their employees like never before," explained Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian.

"Building on Google’s commitment to investing $1bn to boost Africa’s digital transformation, our collaborations with market leaders like Liquid C2 and Anthropic will help bring gen AI, security, and other cloud technologies to businesses across the continent."

"This partnership has the opportunity to transform how African businesses serve and engage their customers as we provide them a foundation for innovation.”

Liquid is also partnering with Anthropic to develop AI solutions for large enterprises seeking to improve productivity and revenue growth. Anthropic's AI models excel in complex reasoning, content generation, and coding.

AI development

This partnership aims to empower African businesses with advanced AI solutions. By integrating AI models across various industries, Liquid and Anthropic aim to accelerate business growth in Africa.

Over 80% of Africa's largest businesses in more than 31 countries currently utilise Liquid C2's digital technologies and the Cassava company remains a multi-vendor provider, ensuring its customers have access to a wide range of solutions.

"We're excited to partner with Liquid C2 and Google Cloud, bringing frontier AI to businesses across Africa," commented Daniela Amodei, president of Anthropic.

"Combining Anthropic's safe, steerable AI with Google Cloud's secure, scalable infrastructure means this partnership has huge potential to enable African companies to grow."

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