To ensure compliance with best practice in the recruitment of students, Edvoy, an educational technology platform supporting and enabling international study abroad, has partnered with Nigerian and African agents.

At an event in Lagos to celebrate the achievements of top agents and foster enduring educational partnerships in Nigeria/Africa, the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Edvoy, Sadiq Basha, explained that, having seen lots of anomalies and misinformation among institutions, students and agents, Edvoy is poised to prioritise student welfare with the use of technology.

According to him, the students’ well-being is at the heart of the activities at Edvoy, noting that clear information is provided by the institution where students are only to input their portfolio and the available institutions that match the portfolio will be accessed.

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Basha said “with the launch of the company’s AI, Best Fit Algorithms, which takes students’ academic and financial requirements and matches them with the right university and cost requirements, students can now find the right course that suits them so that they do not get upset or rejected.”

He added that the institution had been promoting compliance as it only takes on transparent partners, saying “we want to make sure the agents who are part of this ecosystem are compliant.”

Basha noted that Edvoy is poised to onboard compliant agents with partnerships in more than 25 countries with more than 4,000 agents and having recruited 750 institutions.

He also noted that Nigeria, the largest population market in Africa, has the biggest economy, a growing young population, and a rising middle class, which naturally gives rise to students with aspirations of studying abroad.

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