Construction on NEOM’s green hydrogen plant is “advancing significantly” after securing funding of $8.4 billion last year, according to a local media report.

The company expects significant construction progress on the plant in 2024, with full operations to start by 2026, Wesam Al-Ghamdi, CEO of NEOM Green Hydrogen Company, told Asharq Al-Awsat.

He disclosed that basic construction works were finished last year to receive key supplies at the NEOM site.

The developer of the world’s largest carbon-free green hydrogen plant received its first wind turbine delivery at the Port of NEOM in northwest Saudi Arabia in November 2023.

While many green hydrogen projects worldwide are still in the early planning stages, the CEO said the one in NEOM stands out as the only fully funded project.

Al-Ghamdi anticipates scaling up green hydrogen production at the lowest cost possible by 2026. The plant is expected to produce 600 tonnes of carbon-free hydrogen daily and 1.2 million tonnes of green ammonia yearly for global export. It aims to offset up to 5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide annually.

The company will have a special pier to ship hydrogen as ammonia directly from its site, the CEO said.

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