United Arab Emirates: HAYAH Insurance, a leading insurance provider in the UAE, has unveiled Rihla by HAYAH, a pioneering report focusing on the intersection of insurance, health, life, and artificial intelligence. The name Rihla, meaning journey in Arabic, embodies the essence of the report, which aims to explore new horizons and enlighten readers on the latest trends and developments in these key areas.

"At HAYAH, we believe in constantly pushing boundaries and exploring new horizons," said Mohamed Seghir, CEO of HAYAH Insurance. "Rihla by HAYAH is more than just a report; it's our commitment to innovation and our dedication to providing our communities with the tools and knowledge they need to secure a prosperous future."

Rihla by HAYAH features insights from renowned experts in the field, including Chakib Abouzaid, Secretary General of the General Arab Insurance Federation (GAIF), who provides valuable perspectives on life insurance and retirement systems in the Arab region. The report also includes contributions from Swiss Re, a global reinsurance company, offering in-depth analysis on the future of life insurance and the role of insurers and reinsurers in adapting to new social medical risks.

Adel Benachour, Head of Protection & Partnerships at HAYAH Insurance, shares his expertise on facing the challenge of chronic diseases in a changing world, while Adil Saghir, Head of Pensions & End of Service Benefit at HAYAH Insurance, discusses how the business environment is evolving and impacting insurance-related decision making in the UAE.

In addition to these industry experts, Rihla by HAYAH features an interview with Compensation and Benefit expert Sandrine Bardot, Founder of The Bardot Group and compensationinsider.com, who offers valuable insights into uniting and supporting labor market players. Arvind Krishnan, Head of Wealth Solutions, contributes an article on financial inclusion in the UAE, highlighting the importance of forging a path toward economic equity.

David Howard, Head of Strategy, Digital & CX at HAYAH Insurance, explores the role of artificial intelligence in the insurance industry, asking whether AI is the next fad or here to stay. Fredrik Daveus, CEO and co-founder of Kidbrooke, shares his vision for the future of wealth management in the Middle East, while Hana Alnuaimi, Head of Compliance & AML at HAYAH Insurance, provides a comprehensive guide on onshore vs offshore insurance companies in the UAE.

Rihla by HAYAH is now available for download on the HAYAH Insurance website and promises to be a valuable resource for industry professionals and enthusiasts alike.

For more information about Rihla by HAYAH, download the report here.


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