Dubai, UAE – Realiste, the pioneering proptech company in the UAE, uses its intelligent platform "Index" to predict three hyped projects in Dubai that might not provide substantial profitability to investors.

Realiste has presented a list of the best Dubai locations for property investment with a focus on renting. a list of the most profitable areas for short-term rental and long-term rental (occupancy, legal part, profit), and also talked about the most profitable investment strategies in these areas.

  1. Blue Waters: it now gives 6.5 according to Realiste. Last year, the price of apartments here was two times lower. Here it is better to stick to the long-term strategy, as your apartments will pay off 100%. In the area there are shops, supermarkets, the beach, and all the necessary infrastructure around.

  2. Jumeirah Beach Resorts: here it is necessary to adhere to a short-term strategy, the platform estimates this area at about 4.5. JBR is a fairly quiet area and the people who live here enjoy a higher standard of living. Despite the fact that this is a good location with new buildings, the price increase will not exceed 5%.

  3. Jumeirah Lakes Towers: this area is great for both long-term and short-term strategies. Since this area is populated all year round, it is mostly not tourists who live here, but expats who work in Dubai. The rental is 30% cheaper than in JBR, but it's still quite high. The infrastructure in the area is well developed, good logistical accessibility, and the demand is still going up.

Alex Galtsev, the founder of Realiste, affirmed, "Our objective is to leverage AI technology to help investors make informed and profitable decisions. As the real estate landscape evolves, we are committed to delivering the most accurate market analysis possible."


About Realiste:

Realiste is an AI proptech company specializing in enabling investors to make data-driven decisions in real estate. Their intelligent platform, "Index," offers in-depth market analysis, aiding users to understand where and in what projects to invest for optimal appreciation and ROI.