The progressive research and technology achievements of UAEREP have been featured in a peer-reviewed article published by The Nature Research Journal, npj: Climate and Atmospheric Science.

Titled “Rethinking water security in a warming climate: rainfall enhancement as an innovative augmentation technique”, the article highlights the ways in which rainfall enhancement has historically been overlooked as a key component of sustainability and climate change adaptation strategies, while showcasing current progress and future directions for rainfall enhancement applications.

These findings are based on NCM’s operational cloud seeding program and UAEREP, its grant-based international research and development ecosystem.

This comprehensive research paper draws on valuable input from a range of distinguished contributors at UAEREP and NCM. Their insights represent a unique model for addressing water security challenges in arid regions.


About the UAE Research Program for Rain Enhancement Science (UAEREP): 

The UAE Research Program for Rain Enhancement Science (UAEREP) is a pioneering research initiative launched by the UAE Presidential Court in 2015 and overseen by the National Center of Meteorology (NCM). The program aims to address the critical issue of water security through advancing scientific research in the field of rain enhancement. Every two years, the program offers up to three winning research proposals a grant of US $1.5 Million each. To date, UAEREP has awarded 14 cutting-edge research proposals from different countries around the world. Aligned with the UAE's Innovation Strategy, the UAEREP seeks to support the development of human capital and stimulate investment in research within this vital field.