Dubai. In the past year, real estate roadshows have emerged as a significant and highly important element that many agencies are beginning to incorporate.

A real estate roadshow has become a popular marketing tactic used by real estate firms and developers to market their properties to prospective clients and investors whilst also emphasising the value of raising brand awareness and product understanding face to face.

During a roadshow, potential investors will get a chance to acquire knowledge regarding the Dubai market, direct meetings with real estate agents, and access to developer stock. In addition to this, seminars and presentations are provided to educate investors about possibilities for relocating within Dubai, how to apply for a Golden Visa, and how to produce a high return on investment. These roadshows must be planned professionally and strategically to ensure location, the projects presented and the marketing tactics are all aligned for the target demographic.

In Dubai, where off-plan properties are a crucial part of the real estate market, a roadshow is the appropriate opportunity to promote upcoming projects within the region and keep the momentum of demand for off-plan properties growing. They are also effective in reaching a larger pool of investors who may not be aware of current opportunities.

The highly reputable and awarded real estate agency in Dubai, Provident Estate has embraced the concept of using roadshows to engage with potential investors and has been doing so successfully. The company has become ambassadors within the industry and have traveled to locations with little traction to educate those who may be looking to invest in Dubai, but not necessarily know where to start. Provident Estate has put importance on informing these potential investors on the advantages of investing in Dubai, specifically around security, safety and the steady growing economy.

Provident Estate has already conducted roadshows in Italy, Japan, Monaco, and France with great results in all four countries, including a significant uptick in sales from Japanese investors during the roadshows.

In upcoming months, the company will also hold roadshows in Moscow, Vienna, London, Brazil and Russia.


About Provident Estate:

Pursuing excellence since 2008. Provident Estate is a one-stop-shop for all things real estate. With a resolution to always offer 5-star service to their clients, Provident Estate are here for property requirements and queries. At the crux of the business, Provident Estate work relentlessly to provide hassle-free tailored real estate advice and consultancy for investors and families alike who are looking to find the perfect home. Provident Estate takes pride in the diverse portfolio of not just services but the team members behind the company. With over 22 different nationalities speaking 25+ different languages, all are ready to answer property-related questions.

Provident are available to help with buying and leasing as well as property management all the way through to looking for the correct financing options or even finding a perfect holiday home.The company pride themselves in being transparent, honest and professional to deliver the best results to clients.

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