The UAE Real Estate market has provided global citizens with robust investment opportunities and has evolved to become one of the most important pillars of the region’s economy. While it does attract investors from different parts of the world, it has also risen high on the dependability index thanks to its stability and non-volatility in prices.

A report released by confirms that in August 2022, the sector recorded 9,733 transactions to mark an impressive increase in sales volume of more than 62.9%, with a total value of sales closing at approximately AED 24.3 billion. These numbers indicate a boost in investor confidence along with the perceived value of investment in the UAE Real Estate sector. was established to provide interactive, real-time, transparent, and reliable data to give investors a sense of security when making buying and selling decisions. The website also helps users with identifying the number of mortgage and rental transactions, viewing and comparing the performance of off-plan sales with off-the-shelf sales along with several other features.

Commenting on the latest developments in the sector, Firas Al-Msaddi, CEO of Oratech, said: "At, we’re committed to providing real time interactive data and reports to serve investors from different parts of the world. The idea is to help them with authentic information about real estate prices and developments in real estate construction, in addition to analyzing and comparing market offerings. We also provide investors with crucial data like the market supply in each region in terms of properties, number of rooms, etc., depending on the development stage that they are at. These market insights work in favor of investment decisions similar to stock markets as it enables investors to make decisions with greater confidence and also save time.” has rapidly grown to become a reliable source of information for every detail of the UAE Real Estate sector. The site provides monthly reports on the number of deals, sales value, and registered areas for sales percentages and also helps determine the most successful projects on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

The site is well recognized by the Dubai Land Department for trustworthy insights on the best areas to buy and sell along with other details that investors may seek before contemplating a purchase or sale.