Doha, Qatar: Property Finder, a leading real estate platform in the Middle East and North Africa, unveiled today its comprehensive Market Watch Report for 2023—offering an in-depth analysis of Qatar's residential real estate market trends, performance, and prospects.

The 2023 Market Watch Report highlights the successful navigation of Qatar's real estate market through economic fluctuations, demonstrating resilience and sustained progress. Over the year, a substantial 3.4% growth in real estate and contraction activities was observed, significantly contributing to Qatar's GDP, driven by new permits, and ongoing projects within the sector.

Khaled al Saeh, Country Manager for Bahrain & Qatar at Property Finder, emphasized the strategic insights provided by the report, stating, "This year’s Market Watch underscores the dynamic nature of Qatar's real estate market and it is promising to see this growth, which along with the contractions sector, contributes to nearly a third of Qatar’s non-oil sector. Despite global economic uncertainties, robust investment activities persist in many areas driven by both governmental initiatives and private sector developments. This upward trend signifies a maturing market that continues to offer substantial opportunities for both domestic and international investors."

The insightful report further details significant developments, such as the launch of major government projects and the establishment of RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority) to provide strengthened frameworks, which in turn have bolstered market confidence and stability. This is already coming into effect, as despite a decline in the number of building permits, there has been a notable increase in the quality and value of new projects.      

Quality Over Quantity: Rising Value in Qatar's New Real Estate Projects

The real estate sales landscape showed a variation, with a decrease in total transactions but an increased average transaction value, indicating a shift towards higher-quality investments. The Market Watch also provides forecasts that predict a steady rise in the sector's contribution to the economy, fueled by upcoming mega projects and infrastructural developments.

Regulatory Reforms and Digital Advancements Set New Standards for Qatar's Real Estate Market

The establishment of RERA in April 2023 by a decree from His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Than has been a transformative step for regulatory frameworks within the real estate sector in Qatar. RERA's mandate to oversee and enhance market conditions has led to increased investor confidence and streamlined operations. 

Additionally, the December launch of the Qatar Real Estate Platform (QREP) by the Ministry of Municipality marks a significant advancement in the digitalization of real estate services. QREP provides an indispensable resource for accurate real estate data and analytics, fostering a more transparent and accessible market environment. This platform serves as a critical tool for stakeholders, offering insights into sales trends, property values, and market dynamics, essential for strategic decision-making.

Continued Growth in Ongoing Projects with a Strong Private Sector Influence

In 2023, Qatar's real estate landscape saw substantial activity with 157 ongoing projects, predominantly led by the private sector, which orchestrated 92.6% of these developments. The focus has particularly been on major municipalities like Lusail, which alone accounted for over 40% of the investments in ongoing projects. 

These investments not only underscore the private sector's robust engagement but also highlight significant governmental projects that boost the economic fabric of the region. Despite a decrease in the number of new projects launched in 2023, the focus on high-value, impactful projects resulted in the doubling of the total investment value, indicating a strategic pivot towards quality over quantity. The government's role has been crucial, with substantial investment in major projects that are expected to drive future growth and infrastructural advancements.

Sales and Rental Market Trends Indicate Shifts in Consumer Preferences

2023 has been a pivotal year for Qatar’s real estate sales and rental markets. Property Finder's data revealed that locations such as The Pearl and Lusail City have remained highly sought after for residential properties, reflecting the market's strong demand for high-quality living spaces. The sales market observed a significant 8% increase in prices across all property types, influenced by a robust first half of the year. This positive trend marks a notable shift from stagnation in previous years. 

Conversely, the rental market faced challenges, with overall prices declining by 3.4%. Despite these reductions, specific areas like Al Sadd and Lusail City offered attractive returns on investment, indicating pockets of resilience within the broader market. These trends highlight evolving consumer preferences, with potential renters and buyers prioritizing different aspects of housing, such as location, amenities, and overall investment potential.

A Positive Outlook for 2024

Market prospects for 2024 remain optimistic, with ongoing projects in municipalities like Al Daayen and Lusail expected to reach new heights in investment and development. As we move forward, Property Finder is committed to providing valuable insights that help investors and consumers make informed decisions, thereby driving the growth and sustainability of Qatar’s real estate market.

Commenting on the findings, Khaled al Saeh, Country Manager for Bahrain & Qatar at Property Finder, remarked, “Looking ahead, we are poised to capitalize on the positive momentum established last year. The strategic developments in key municipalities and the active engagement of the private sector are expected to drive substantial growth, reinforcing Qatar's position as a leading real estate investment destination in the region and beyond. The recent establishment of RERA and the launch of the Qatar Real Estate Platform have been game changers for our market, with positive impact already evident. These initiatives have not only streamlined operations but also boosted transparency, making Qatar an increasingly attractive market for investors."


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