• UAE’s real estate market is forecasted to reach $710 billion by the end of 2024
  • Dubai ranks third in global cities with more than 400 projects with LEED certification
  • The nation’s GDP could grow by approximately $1 trillion if UAE Net Zero 2050 is realized
  • 93% of investors think that selecting sustainable projects won’t affect performance

Dubai, UAE - ZāZEN Properties, a leading sustainable property developer in the UAE, notes that Dubai’s real estate sector is progressively embracing sustainability to align with key mandates issued by HH Sheikh Mohamed like the Dubai 2040 Urban Masterplan and UAE Net Zero 2050. With sustainability being an integral part of future-proofing the country’s real estate landscape, Madhav Dhar, COO and founding member of ZāZEN Properties, explains why prioritizing energy-efficient buildings, efficient design and sustainable construction methods will ensure that upcoming developments mitigate negative environmental impacts.

A recent study found that over 80% of UAE residents believe it is time to focus on “preventing further damage” rather than “reversing damage already done[1].” With the UAE’s real estate sector anticipated to reach a staggering value of $710 billion by the end of 2024[2], this reinforces the importance of developers prioritizing sustainability in upcoming projects. By emphasizing green practices, the sector can play a pivotal role in achieving the country’s carbon emission reduction targets by the half-century mark; yielding the potential to increase the nation’s GDP by approximately $1 trillion before 2050[3] and to simultaneously transform the real estate landscape so that future generations can inherit a more sustainable world.

According to recent reports, Dubai already ranks third among global cities within the domain of having the highest number of green buildings; the emirate currently has nearly 400 LEED-certified projects[4]. With the UAE’s leadership extending the “Year of Sustainability” to 2024, residential projects that make the most of natural light, utilize thicker concrete slabs for improved insulation, and incorporate smart technology, energy-efficient appliances and even renewable energy sources like solar panels, will help increase this number further while contributing to the country’s green agenda.

With a recent survey conducted by UBS Global Wealth Management showing that 75% of UAE investors think that sustainable developments will become the norm in 2030, this notion is backed by the surge in interest in environmentally conscious developments today. While ROI was once thought to be the measure of success, 93% of investors now think that selecting sustainable options won’t affect performance but rather enhance longevity[5].

Madhav explained: “With an increased preference for sustainable real estate, a shift in investment trends is poised to kick off in the UAE and have a positive impact that extends into the coming years. Developers who launch sustainable community-centric developments with world-class amenities can accordingly cater to a variety of consumer preferences and lifestyles, reshape the UAE’s real estate landscape, adhere to both regional and global green objectives, and inject added value to the country’s economy as a whole.”

As it relates to adding economic value to the UAE, ZāZEN Properties is preparing to launch another green real estate development in Al Furjan upon the completion of its latest development, ZāZEN Gardens. Their current project is currently over 90% constructed and will become the first LEED Gold-certified and Well-Being integrated residential development on delivery in April 2024. Annually, it will reduce 469 metric tonnes of carbon emissions and generate close to 390,000 kWh of onsite solar electricity, which is about 30% of the common area requirement yearly.

About Madhav Dhar:

Madhav Dhar is a data-driven business management professional who has led a versatile and high-achieving career that spans fifteen-plus years across several industries. Highly knowledgeable about managing and executing business operations, as well as marketing strategies to positively contribute to bottom-line growth, Madhav co-founded ZāZEN Properties to create healthier living environments by developing high-quality sustainable real estate projects in Dubai. He has since spearheaded the launch of two successful sustainable residential projects (ZāZEN One and ZāZEN Gardens), with his efforts garnering him recognition in Construction Week’s Power 100 as one of the top 100 most influential faces and top 25 developers of Middle East construction in 2023.

About ZāZEN Properties:

Launched in 2018, ZāZEN Properties is building unique sustainable residential developments in established communities of Dubai, catering to the mid-market segment consumer and providing a ‘community within a building.’

ZāZEN Properties’ flagship development, ZāZEN One, located in JVT, was delivered in January 2022 and has been repeatedly nominated for its design and sustainability efforts, recently receiving the Sustainable Real Estate Project of the Year Award at the 2022 Sustainability Innovation Awards and the Best Residential Development Award at the International Property Awards 2022 held in the UK. As a result, units at ZāZEN One sold out within 6 months with residents occupying and enjoying the vast number of amenities.

ZāZEN Properties continues to push the boundaries between design, sustainability, affordability, and community living, with the ultimate goal of helping people in Dubai live better. Construction for the sustainable developer’s newest project is underway; off-plan sales for ZāZEN Gardens are nearly complete, with an addition of a new project in the pipeline that will be in the same area with a show unit and sales center available for viewing at the project site for ZāZEN Gardens.

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