• Connect HR software has helped organizations reduce errors in payroll management by up to 98%, leading to improved compliance and reduced legal risks.

From fostering a positive culture, promoting the employer brand, to navigating the constant changes brought on by the pandemic, HR’s role is instrumental to an organization’s success and its importance has skyrocketed over the last few years.

At Connect Group, the demand for Connect HR software mirrors this trend, with many businesses in the UAE implementing the technology to boost efficiency and productivity. The software is designed to automate and streamline HR and payroll, allowing companies to easily manage the entire employee lifecycle from pre-boarding to offboarding within a single, powerful and easy-to-use automated system. It offers positive touch points for employee services, offering a win-win scenario for both the workforce and the organization.

“Competition is fierce in the talent market. Culture is critical and having a strong employer brand is imperative. HR departments need to be freed up to reexamine how they recruit, onboard and retain their talent without being hamstrung by tedious processes like managing annual leave and payroll.

We are happy to report that Connect HR has witnessed a 93% increase in clients over the past year, as more businesses turn to automated solutions to streamline their HR processes and boost efficiency.” says Aaron Portero, Managing Director of Connect Group.

Connect HR’s platform also includes features to assist with employee management, automate visa process management, performance management, expense claim, annual leave, time attendance and much more. It eliminates manual and repetitive HR tasks through powerful automation, data centralization, and process streamlining, allowing team members to focus on other tasks.

Centralized employee communication – self-service HR

HR departments can often become inundated with team requests for policies, annual leave forms or payslips. Connect HR acts as a self-service platform for employees with easy access to HR documents. From company policies and resources and benefits information, so employees know exactly where to look for answers to their questions. They can connect with colleagues, request time off, enroll in benefits, and check payslips from their laptops and mobile devices without contacting HR.

The platform also acts as a central hub for HR updates where the team can post announcements, recognize outstanding employees and share updates. In turn this can boost employee engagement by acknowledging employee birthdays, start dates, and work anniversaries.

Strategic decisions at your fingertips

By storing all your company and employee data in one place, leaders can get a more holistic view of their organization and better identify areas for improvement. Aside from payroll and benefits, HR software typically offers powerful integrations with other point solutions to move data seamlessly between systems. Using your HR data through consistent reporting not only helps your company achieve its business goals but also empowers you to make more informed decisions and prove impact.

Future of Connect HR

To further enhance the user experience, Connect Group is introducing several new features, including an AI Virtual Assistant for the ESS portal, multi-language support, a people analytics reporting tool, and a new UI with added dashboards. These enhancements will enable Connect HR to expand its reach in GCC and African markets and continue to be a leading HR software platform.

In conclusion, the surging demand for HR automation underscores the critical role of HR in businesses today. Connect Group is proud to be at the forefront of this trend and remains committed to helping businesses streamline their HR processes and improve employee engagement.


About Connect Group

Connect Group is a human resource business reinventing the way companies succeed. Launched in 2016, Connect Group brings decades of knowledge to every facet of business in the Middle East from talent acquisition, smooth and rapid expansion to staff outsourcing, cloud HR, PRO outsourcing & payroll software, as well as furnishing office spaces.

The company entered the UAE market called as Connect Resources which provides workforce services including Visa & Payroll Service, Talent Acquisition, PRO Services, Human Resource Management, PRO Outsourcing, Payroll and Staff Outsourcing Solutions. Success quickly followed with clients seeking Connect’s expertise across the region.

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