Spotify announced the Shaikhat Al Tarab and Harp of the Khaleeji song, Nawal Al Kuwaitia as the EQUAL Arabia Ambassador for the month of July in pursuance of continuing to give Arab women artists a platform to be heard on a regional and global scale.

Kuwaiti singer, Nawal El Kuwaitia was amongst the first female Khaleeji artists to make an appearance in the Arabian Gulf at the beginning of her musical career. She was able to establish herself, showcase her talent, and become a popular name in the Arab world. At the age of seventeen, Nawal made her first on-stage appearance, performing songs by tarab artists such as Talal Maddah and Abdul Kareem Abdul Qader.

The star carved her own artistic path and set herself apart from other performers through her talent, captivating voice, and endearing demeanor. Nawal Al Kuwaitia is not only an artist with a powerful voice that leaves her audience in awe, she is also a talented musician who plays the piano and flute. In 1984, she released her debut album and today, her songs “Qeda Omry”, “Al Raya Al Baida” and “Qassem We Samaany” are amongst her most-streamed songs on Spotify.

Nawal has released over 17 albums, consistently releasing self-titled albums followed by the year of the release rather than singling out one song to subtly draw attention to it. Only her most recent album was titled “Alhaneen”', bringing back fond memories for herself and her fans alike.

Nawal is regarded as the first artist to make a significant contribution to the growth of the Khaleeji music genre. She has been daring and innovative in the way she has created her music, bringing new rhythms that are influenced by jazz.

Over the years, Nawal took part in a range of charitable and humanitarian endeavors, including serving as the chair of the jury for the Cald Theater for Talents competition and delivering the opening speech at the sixth consecutive International Conference on Mental Health for Adults. 

Nawal Al Kuwaitia was also a member of the Arab Woman Award advisory committee and earned the award in London in 2017. Throughout her career, she received numerous titles including Best Gulf singer, First Gulf star, Gulf Guitar, Sheikha Al-Tarab amongst many others.

“I am honored to be selected as the Ambassador of Spotify EQUAL Arabia for the month of July, as it is a space dedicated to highlighting Arab female artists and their wonderful and inspiring music, which I hope will reach all listeners in the world. Women by nature are strong and delicate, passionate and creative, and I have always been and will continue to support and empower women in various fields,” commented the EQUAL Arabia Ambassador, Nawal Al Kuwaitia.

Nawal's most recent track, "Fini Kither," is featured on Spotify's EQUAL Global, a playlist that highlights women creators globally, as part of the EQUAL Arabia program. She is also featured on a billboard in the heart of New York’s Times Square as well as the cover of the EQUAL Arabia playlist to further spotlight and promote her single.

Discover Nawal Al Kuwaitia on Spotify’s EQUAL Arabia playlist. 


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