Dubai, UAE: Dubai Municipality is participating in the Arabian Travel Market (ATM), which is being held in Dubai from May 1 to 4, 2023, highlighting its exceptional services in recreational and tourism sectors, including parks and recreational facilities under its management. The Municipality’s participation comes in line with its vision to establish itself as a pioneering municipality for a global city that provides all residents and visitors of the Emirate of Dubai with high-quality entertainment and services.

The Municipality aims to actively participate in leisure and tourism-related events, such as the Arabian Travel Market, which is an ideal opportunity to highlight the best services and recreational amenities that the Municipality offers and manages in the Emirate of Dubai, a leading international city, across the fields of travel, tourism, and entertainment. In keeping with Dubai’s vision of becoming the most preferred global tourist destination and achieving the target of enhancing the quality of life in the Emirate, the Municipality aims at seamlessly planning, managing, and assuring of sustainability of Dubai's utilities and services.

Dubai Municipality will promote numerous public and recreational amenities, historical and modern landmarks, and Dubai's historical markets, notably Deira Old Souq, Bur Dubai Souq, through its platform at the Arabian Travel Market. Visitors can select one of the two destinations to visit and experience the tourism attractions that highlight key points of interest during the tour, each of which portrays a particular anecdote and historical images that emphasize the city’s heritage.

Furthermore, along with the talents area, which includes an arena and training facilities, the Municipality’s platform is further offering an opportunity to experience a mountain bike ride, which emulates riding a bike on a 53 km track at Mushrif Park, one of Dubai’s largest parks, with different levels suitable for beginners, middle-skilled, and professional riders.

Moreover, visitors can view Dubai Frame during their trip, one of the nation's cultural landmarks, which is distinguished by its panoramic views of both old and modern Dubai and narrates the tale of the city's development from its establishment through the implementation of its ambitious goals and to the preset.

Additionally, the Municipality is offering a depiction of Dubai Safari Park, one of Dubai's unique recreational facilities, as well as the Municipality's meticulous implementation of the project, which resulted in a high environmental value and more than 3000 species, making it a desirable tourist and environmental destination in addition to a number of Safari animals in the exhibition. Visitors can gain knowledge on the indoor Dolphinarium in Dubai, which features shows including both dolphins and other shows, such as the birds show.

By preparing two additional beaches in Jumeirah for night tourism and expanding the area designated for night swimming at Umm Suqeim beach, Dubai Municipality will leverage the event to highlight its efforts to promote tourism and entertainment in the Emirate. This offers the opportunity to swim around the clock, under the supervision of trained and qualified staff. Furthermore, the Municipality is ensuring the most up-to-date safety, rescue, ambulance, and communication equipment, along with electronic screens on the beaches to notify visitors of safety instructions.

In addition to a number of historical destinations like the Saruq Al Hadid Archaeological Museum, Jumeirah Archaeological Site, Dubai Municipality Museum, and Historical Documents Centre, Dubai is home to over 13 markets, some of which are old and historically significant, such as Deira Old Souk, Bur Dubai Souq and the Furniture and Building Materials Market. There are more than 200 parks, recreational facilities, and 10 beaches in the Emirate.


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