Dubai, UAE: Dubai Municipality reviewed the developments and achievements made by the local branch of the global construction information modelling organization, BuildingSmart. The review, which was organized and overseen by Dubai Municipality, highlighted the role played by the region's first branch of its kind in advancing digital transformation in the region’s construction industry through collaborations with government agencies, private companies, and specialized institutions.

The Municipality hosts the organization's local branch as part of its efforts to develop a smart, sustainable, and advanced construction sector, employing cutting-edge technologies and providing integrated services that enhance the UAE's competitiveness. The branch's vision is to lead the digital transformation of the construction industry, encourage wider adoption of building information modelling (BIM) technology, and create an integrated platform that unites the major players in the building sector, including government and regulatory agencies, developers, and all stakeholders. In addition, it aims to advance collaboration and teamwork, adoption of open methodologies and standards, creation and implementation of building information modelling standards, and their integration with GIS to support the total life cycle of buildings.

H.E. Dawoud Al Hajri, Director General of Dubai Municipality, said: "We are thrilled to showcase the accomplishments of the BuildingSmart organization’s UAE branch, which is the company’s first branch in the Middle East and Africa. Our decision to host the branch reflects our efforts to accelerate digital transformation in the UAE’s construction sector, as well as the importance we place on the adoption of modern technologies, standards, and open data to improve quality and efficiency across projects. By hosting the company’s branch, we hope to give experts a forum to collaborate and exchange knowledge, set new benchmarks for quality, and look forward to shaping a more sustainable future for the UAE’s construction sector, backed by the guidance and forward-looking vision for our wise leadership."

In response, Mariam Al Muhairi, CEO of the Buildings Regulation and Permits Agency at Dubai Municipality, highlighted how the organization, since the establishment of its local branch in the UAE, has organized multiple sessions and workshops to raise awareness of the latest technologies in the industry, the role of open standards, and development of membership programs for individuals and institutions. Notably, six government entities are currently represented at the branch, in addition to more than 50 private companies.

Based on the standards established by the Emirate of Dubai, the Branch is initiating efforts to create benchmarks for automating the auditing construction requirements and modelling construction information within the Emirate. Furthermore, the branch works on the establishment of specialized working groups, as well as a society to promote the use of building information modelling and digital technologies throughout the country. In light of these advancements, Dubai Municipality recently announced the issuance of its first building license in Dubai in which automated auditing of the Dubai Building Code was applied to the requirements of Dubai building information modelling. By this move, the Emirate has demonstrated its leadership in the sector, and its commitment to advancing cutting-edge construction systems and sustainable urban planning.

In 2020, the Middle East Construction Information Modelling Conference marked the establishment of the organization's branch in the UAE, with the aim of advancing knowledge exchange and application of building information modelling standards. In addition to supporting the digital transformation of the construction sector, the company intends to enhance cooperation in the areas of design, development, and management of building and infrastructure assets. The activities, objectives, and information of the organization's membership programs can also be found on the website at:

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